Home Entertainment Zhang Zhehan and his studio’s social accounts were blocked by the China Performing Arts Association: Resist from the industry! It takes less than 6 months to burst into popularity and collapse in just 4 hours! The film and television industry will welcome a major reshuffle? _ Oriental Fortune Network

Zhang Zhehan and his studio’s social accounts were blocked by the China Performing Arts Association: Resist from the industry! It takes less than 6 months to burst into popularity and collapse in just 4 hours! The film and television industry will welcome a major reshuffle? _ Oriental Fortune Network

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The “Zhang Zhehan Incident” continued to ferment.

Recently, the artist Zhang Zhehan was revealed by netizens that he attended a friend’s wedding at Nogi Shrine in Japan at the end of 2019. In 2018, he also released a photo in front of the Yasukuni Shrine, which caused huge controversy.

Subsequently, Zhang Zhehan apologized for the incident, saying that he was “ashamed of the once ignorant self, and must apologize deeply for his previous misconduct.” Zhang Zhehan studio forwarded his apology statement and said: As Mr. Zhang Zhehan’s team, we hereby apologize to everyone. In the future, we will work with him to improve our professional knowledge, keep the history in mind, and firmly support the motherland! The interests of the motherland are above all else! Do everything more rigorously and meticulously.

On the same day, a number of central media outlets voiced this, and a number of brands also announced the cessation of cooperation with Zhang Zhehan. (Previously reported: Another celebrity had an accident, and the central media said: It must be cool! All endorsements are gone overnight!Coca Cola, Wahaha, Xu Fuji queuing to cut)

Zhang Zhehan and his studio social accounts are blocked

Today (August 15th), some netizens discovered that Zhang Zhehan and his studio’sWeiboBeing banned, the page shows the reason for violating the community convention.

Soon, Zhang Zhehan and his studio’s social platform accounts and short video accounts were blocked, and the inquiry revealed that they had been cancelled. This meant that Zhang Zhehan would never have the opportunity to speak on social platforms and would gradually fade out of the eyes of netizens and audiences.

  China Performance Association:

  Require member units to boycott Zhang Zhehan

At 9 o’clock this morning, the WeChat public account of the China Performance Industry Association released theannouncement》。

  The full text is as follows:

Actor Zhang Zhehan’s misconduct such as visiting the Yasukuni Shrine in Japan was recently revealed and aroused strong concern from all walks of life. Because the actor is also involved in performance-related businesses such as concerts recently, the China Performance Industry Association has expressed great concern about this and initiated the industry ethics self-discipline review in accordance with the regulations. After the evaluation of the Ethics and Self-discipline Committee of the China Performance Industry Association, the following comments on the behavior of actor Zhang Zhehan are hereby announced:

The Yasukuni Shrine is the spiritual tool and symbol of Japanese militarism in launching a foreign war of aggression, and a place where right-wing forces in Japan deny history and beautify the war of aggression. For entertainers engaged in cultural work, establishing a correct view of history is a basic professionalism, and ignorance is not an excuse.

The Committee of Ethics and Self-discipline of the Association believes that the behavior of actor Zhang Zhehan is seriously improper, which not only hurts the national sentiment, but also has a bad influence on the youth group in the audience. Therefore, this association will ethically reprimand the actor Zhang Zhehan for his misconduct in visiting the Yasukuni Shrine, and in accordance with the “Management Measures for the Self-discipline of Performers in the Performance Industry”, requires member units to boycott him.

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At the same time, we solemnly remind the masses of performing arts practitioners to strengthen their study and raise their understanding, and there must be no ambiguity or vacillation in the face of national justice. History must not be forgotten, and the bottom line must not be loosened. Those who cross the line must be punished.

  It took less than 6 months to burst into popularity, and it only takes 4 hours to collapse

After the incident broke out, there were many questions about “Who is Zhang Zhehan?” in the message areas of major media. How long has this actor, who has been popular for less than half a year with “Shanhe Ling”, have worked hard to reach the peak of traffic?

In 2010, Zhang Zhehan, who was only 19 years old at the time, made his debut by starring in Tudou’s idol drama “How Can I Fall in Love with You”. In 2013, he signed a 6-year contract with Huanyu Film and Television under Yu Zheng, and began to star in the web drama “I am a madman” produced by the company. Since then, Yu Zheng’s screenwriter has appeared in many dramas. The figure of a young actor, including “The Palace Chain Linked City”, “The Making of a Beauty”, “The Condor Heroes” and so on.

Zhang Zhehan ushered in the first small peak of his career in 2015. He played the role of young Lin Shu in the hit drama “Langya Bang” that year. This role was played by the male protagonist Hu Ge during his adulthood. In addition, he also co-starred with Jing Tian in the sister drama of “Legend of Lu Zhen” due to the “Legend of Ban Shu” being produced. Although this is the first time that Zhang Zhehan has been the protagonist of a heavyweight work in addition to web dramas and short films, the show was not as well received as the previous work because it was broadcast during non-popular periods. Until 2018, Zhang Zhehan and Ju Jingyi starred in “The Legend of Yun Xi”, and they were once again known by the audience as the “King of Qin”.

In the past 6 years, despite participating in many projects under Yuzheng, Zhang Zhehan has been in a tepid state. Therefore, at the expiration of the contract on January 10, 2019, Zhang Zhehan unsurprisingly released a long article announcing his official departure from Huanyu Film and Television, and thanked Yu Zheng for his cultivation.

In 2019, Zhang Zhehan did not have many works. One of them was the film “Heroes of Fire”, which started in 2018. He played one of the consumer Zheng Zhi in the film. Although the total box office of the film reached 1.707 billion yuan, it was only used as Zhang Zhehan, a small character in a business card, has still not received attention.

The other work was to participate in the first season of the reality show “The Actors Please Take Place”, which is also an important turning point in his acting career. “Actors please seat” this show has attracted many actors who are a bit outdated in their acting career or are tepid like Zhang Zhehan, who want to become popular with the show. Take Hu Xing’er, who won the actor of the year in the second season, for example, through the show she successfully became popular, and even boarded this year’s Spring Festival Gala. At that time, in the first season of the show, Zhang Zhehan laid the foundation through years of Jizheng’s costume idol dramas. In the show, in addition to gaining the champion of the most recognized actor list, more importantly, he was appreciated by his mentor Zhao Wei and signed a contract with Zhao Wei’s Beijing Normal University. Lindsay Culture Communication Co., Ltd.

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After entering the company owned by Zhao Wei, Zhang Zhehan once again starred with Ju Jingyi in “Wishful Fangfei”, and the response was still mediocre. But what is more worthy of attention is that Zhang Zhehan participated in the shooting of two Youku web dramas “Shanhe Ling”, “Retro Detective” and the gift film “1921” in 2020, making full preparations for the 2021 hit.

In February 2021, Zhang Zhehan finally ushered in his career peak 10 years after his debut. The drama “Shanhe Ling” co-starred by him and Gong Jun was launched on Youku. The CP of “Langlang Ding” was well received by the audience, and the Douban score was also above 8 points.During the start of the broadcastWeiboEntries related to “Shanhe Order” appeared many times in hot searches, such as the evening of March 1, and there were four hot searches that night, including #温客行# #温客行黑化# #山河令# #好心痛周子舒#.

Zhang Zhehan received a number of commercial endorsements after gaining popularity with this play, and held a “Born Confidant”-“Shanhe Ling” theme concert in Suzhou during the Labor Day and even holidays, and a total of 600,000 people participated in the ticket grab, 14 seconds The inside was robbed, and Zhang Zhehan was really on fire at this time. In July, the gift film “1921” starring various stars was officially released. Zhang Zhehan also attended the premiere conference in Shanghai, but he never thought that this might be his last big screen performance this year.

So far, only Youku’s web drama “Retro Detective”, which started last year, has not yet cut off from Zhang Zhehan. Produced by Dongyang Huanyu Film and Television Culture, China Audiovisual, Mango TV and Yahuan Films Co., Ltd., Yu Zheng is the chief producer, and the TV series “Menghui Chaoge” (also known as “Chaoge”) starring Zhang Zhehan and Wu Jinyan There has never been an exact set time. This large-scale production TV series with the story of the Shang Dynasty as the background can only continue to be kept in the warehouse under the controversy of Zhang Zhehan.

The idol drama “The Rainy Forest” (also known as “City of Time”) produced by Cloud Media Co., Ltd. was previously unable to broadcast due to the selection of South Korean actor Park Min-young and restrictions on South Korea. This year, it obtained a distribution license and enabled Li Yizhen to make up for it. , Originally expected to be broadcast this year, but after encountering this controversial storm, this drama has a high probability of not appearing.

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Shanghai Tuoying Film and Television, Beijing Jintiandi Film and Television and ZhejiangTang De Film and TelevisionThe urban idol drama produced by Zhang Zhehan and Guo Xuefu starring “Not Love at first sight” was finalized in 2017, and there has been no news about it. I believe it will continue to sink in the bottom of the warehouse like “Love Rain in the Forest”. , Unable to meet with the audience.

  The film and television industry is sloshing, how big is the risk?

Behind the rapid naming of Zhang Zhehan and Huo Zun is that after Zheng Shuang’s surrogacy and Wu Yifan’s detention, public opinion and related organizations’ tolerance for entertainment stars is rapidly diminishing.

From the perspective of social climate, this is a good thing.

On August 6, the official website of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection published a commentary article “Mengyao Quqiu Purify the Internet”, indicating that it is necessary to rectify the bad fan culture. “Some traffic stars, as public figures, have repeatedly become the focus of public opinion due to fights, prostitution, drug abuse, surrogacy, rape, etc., exposing the abnormal and morbid problems that exist in the domestic entertainment industry.” The article emphasized.

In addition, multiple departments are working together to rectify the “rice circle.” The special action “Qinglang·Ranquan chaos rectification” led by the Central Cyberspace Affairs Office is in deep progress. The State Administration of Radio and Television is also launching a special investigation and rectification of online variety shows, requiring strict control of idol development programs, and resolutely resisting star chasing. Unhealthy tendencies such as star speculation and pan-entertainment, and malformed values ​​such as “flow first” and money worship.

  It is worth noting that sponsors are relatively easy to turn around, but film and television projects that use celebrities as their “frontal role” will not escape a fatal blow.

After Wu Yifan’s accident, the starring “Green Hairpin Xing” was destined to be hopeless. The play was an S+ project that Tencent led.After Fan Bingbing was fined, “Win the World” could not be broadcast, which directly caused the producerTang De Film and TelevisionHaradaishareholderOut.

When the market’s tolerance for celebrities declines, it means that the project risk doubles. “In the past, only’drugs’ were guarded, but now we still have to take care of our feelings and personal life. We don’t know many things. The risks are a lot more difficult.” Many people in the industry sigh with emotion.

Now sponsors are already voting with their feet, and athletes have become a good choice.

But film and television projects are much more passive.This may also be a shuffleHershey’smachine.

(Source: 21st Century Business Herald)


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