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Zhang Zhetong’s new drama is busy with Guo Kunyao’s variety show being launched to bring the audience to experience nature jqknews

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Zhang Zhetong’s new drama is busy with Guo Kunyao’s variety show being launched to bring the audience to experience nature jqknews
Recently, Zhang Zhetong, an artist under Mediacorp, announced the upcoming new drama “The Doctor is not a God”, and held his own fan meeting again after 2 years. And Guo Kunyao’s latest variety show “Riding the Stars High Photos” is also online. It leads the audience to experience the natural beauty by riding. You can walk into nature without leaving home. Guo Kunyao, who has no idol burden at all, has exploded on social platforms. TikTok A total of 30 million fans watched, and the number of fans doubled. Both Zhang Zhetong and Guo Kunyao made their debut in 2019 in “Brilliant Talented Rookies”. Recently, the two will collaborate in the new drama “The Doctor is Not a God”.

  Zhang Zhetong’s new drama starts filming and is busy with “Macaroni” meeting to give back to fans

After 2 years of absence, Zhang Zhetong held his own fan meeting. The last fan meeting was when Zhang Zhetong made his debut with the “Brilliant Talented Rookie” championship. Before his debut, Zhang Zhetong was engaged in the IT industry. By chance, he participated in “The Talented Rookie”. He performed well in the competition. Even the judge Li Mingshun praised Zhang Zhetong for having a male lead’s face. In the end, he lived up to expectations and successfully won He won the championship and became a signed artist of Xinyi Agency. After his debut, Zhang Zhetong has more and more fans. He also likes to communicate face-to-face with fans very much. He promised that the fans’ meeting will be postponed due to the epidemic. He finally has the opportunity to meet you in the near future. Zhang Zhetong and the official support club “Macaroni” have a happy party, Have a fun weekend together. He said, “It’s hard to imagine that the last time I met with fans was more than two years ago. This time, I can feel everyone’s excitement and joy.” At the meeting, Zhang Zhetong especially thanked the fans, “Thank you for supporting me from the beginning of the game and encouraging me all the way.” In addition, he also looks forward to going to other regions to hold meetings and communicate face-to-face as soon as possible.

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Recently, Zhang Zhetong’s work is still busy. The new drama “Doctor is not a god” has started filming. In the play, he plays a junior doctor and will partner Guo Kunyao, Fang Zhanfa and Hong Liting. In addition to the filming of the new drama, Zhang Zhetong also participated in the variety show “Riding the Stars” as a guest to experience the joy of driving. In the show, Zhang Zhetong mentioned that he had participated in overnight riding activities during his college days. And Zhang Zhetong, who has a healthy appearance, has also been favored by the brand, and recently became the YSL platform.

  Multi-faceted development fans doubled, all-round entertainer Guo Kunyao variety show launched

The variety show “Riding the Stars”, hosted by Guo Kunyao and Tian Mingyao, was launched recently. The show explored the southern islands of Singapore through green travel, and took the audience to ride around the three islands of St. John’s Island, Lazarus Island and Turtle Island. On the island, each issue invites cycling guests to travel together, without leaving home to see the beautiful scenery and understand the charm of cycling. This is not the first time that Guo Kunyao has served as a host. Since his debut in the “Brilliant Rookies” competition, he has been developing in an all-round way. Guo Kunyao has served as the host of many programs. Whether it is hosting or live interaction, he can be very natural. To get closer to the audience, with his natural sense of humor and affinity, Guo Kunyao is very popular with the audience. In the variety show “Riding the Stars”, he performed well, and he had a tacit understanding with his predecessor Tian Mingyao for the first time. The two introduced the beautiful scenery with the guests in a humorous and humorous way and traveled healthily.

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On Guo Kunyao’s personal social media, you can see his various dances and funny videos. He majored in dance in college and used to be a professional dancer. Guo Kunyao’s physical expression skills are super strong, and various dances are not a problem. The epidemic is at home. During this period, he gave full play to his ability to direct and act, released many very creative videos, released his soul of love to dance, and received millions of likes from all over the world. Recently, Guo Kunyao’s videos on TikTok have accumulated 35.5 million views. The funny and interesting videos doubled his personal social media account fans. In an interview with the media, Guo Kunyao said that he did not expect the video to suddenly explode. It was unbelievable. I’m glad you all liked his videos.

At present, Zhang Zhetong and Guo Kunyao are filming the medical drama “The Doctor is Not a God”, and they will tell the unknown pain and joy behind the doctor together. In terms of production, they will restore the real medical professional scenes. The drama is expected to be broadcast in August.

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