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Zhao Wei was banned overnight, and the outside world has several French wineries | blocked on the whole network | lost contact | huanzhugege

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[Epoch Times August 31, 2021](Epoch Times reporter Li Siqi comprehensive report) Zhao Wei has become a hot news recently, from a celebrity to being blocked by the entire network overnight, and news of losing contact has also been reported before. Zhao Wei, who was famous all over the world with “Returning the Pearl and Gege” in the past, interprets the unpredictable events of the world to the audience in real life.

There is a saying that Zhao Wei has chartered a flight to France to meet her husband Huang Youlong, who is already there. As early as November 2011, Zhao Wei and his wife bought the Chateau Monlot in Saint-Emilian, France, for 4 million euros (approximately 4.5 million US dollars). Menglong Winery occupies an area of ​​about 8.5 hectares. Saint-Emilion is located 35 kilometers northeast of Bordeaux, which is the world‘s largest wine producer.

Zhao Wei and his wife bought 9 hectares of Chateau Patarabet and 16 hectares of Chateau La Vue (Chateau La Vue) in Saint-Emilion in 2013; between the two seas (Entre -Deux-Mers bought 57 hectares of Chateau Senailhac (Chateau Senailhac); in March 2019 it bought 12 hectares of Chateau La Croix de la Roche (Chateau La Croix de la Roche).

On the website of Menglong Winery, Zhao Wei paced between two rows of verdant grape racks. Who would have thought that she, from an ordinary family, could have many wineries in France?

Hometown Wuhu, Anhui

The mountains and rivers of Wuhu, Anhui reflect each other, and they are said to be a place of beauty. Zhao Wei, who had a pair of big eyes flashing when she was young, was born in this small southern city.

Zhao Wei’s mother is an elementary school teacher who loves art and comes from the Wei family in Wuhu. Influenced by her mother since childhood, Zhao Wei likes literature and art, singing, dancing and painting are very good, but the main subject is mediocre. His brother Zhao Jian is 7 years older than Zhao Wei. The family loves Zhao Wei and Zhao Wei’s personality develops freely.

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In 1993, 28-year-old Gong Li came to Wuhu, Anhui to shoot for the filming of the movie “Painting Soul”. The 17-year-old Zhao Wei is one of the normal school girls who were recruited by the director to run the game. Zhao Wei’s actor dream has since been inspired.

After that, Zhao Wei asked the normal school to take sick leave to prepare for the exam at home, and was admitted to Shanghai Xiejin Hengtong Star School. After studying in Shanghai for two years, Zhao Wei was admitted to the undergraduate class of the Performing Department of Beijing Film Academy with No. 1 in the country. In 2007, Zhao Wei was admitted to the Beijing Film Academy for a master’s degree, and graduated in June 2012.

From the actor to the director, it can be said that Zhao Wei has been smooth sailing in her acting career, but her love affair is a bit more bumpy.

Love road sadness

In 1997, Zhao Wei studied in the second year of university. She was selected by Qiong Yao to play the role of Little Swallow in “Han Zhu Ge Ge”, and she became popular with countless admirers.

The tide is rising, and Zhao Wei, who has been hotly pursued by movie fans, is no longer the “girl next door” on the streets of Wuhu, so it is not surprising to hear that Zhao Wei’s boyfriend is Ye Maoqing. Ye Maoqing’s father is Ye Lipei. In March 2020, the Ye Lipei family ranked 182nd in the “2020 Hurun Global Real Estate Rich List” with a fortune of 11 billion yuan (approximately US$1.65 billion).

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The romance under the screen seems to be more difficult than the one in the movie. Although the two of them were also in love with each other, they broke up in 2001. Ye Maoqing had a scandal during his time with Zhao Wei. It is also a coincidence that his next girlfriend is Li Tingyi, who was originally scheduled to play “Little Swallow”.

On February 22, 2002, Zhao Wei publicly admitted her love affair with Wang Yu at the Beijing Film Studio. Wang Yu is a real estate tycoon in Shanghai and the son of Wang Daohan, the former mayor of Shanghai. Baidu Encyclopedia’s page introducing Wang Yu lists several of his ex-girlfriends. In addition to Zhao Wei, there are also actresses Zhang Min, Chen Zihan, Huang Yi and Li Yu.

Although Wang Yuyin Zhao Wei and ex-girlfriend Zhang Min said “goodbye”, after the intimate photos of Wang Yu and Huang Yi were exposed, Zhao Wei and Wang Yu broke up.

In 2005, when the relationship between Zhao Wei and outsider Wang Liqin was revealed, the outside world was still amazed. As a former world champion of table tennis, Wang Liqin’s performance on the court was slightly wrong, and Zhao Wei would be blamed to some extent. Especially Wang Liqin’s parents refused to accept Zhao Wei. I can still see the wedding photos taken by the two in 2007 on the Internet. It seems that they have reached a marriage talk, but after all, they have never come together.

But fate did not make Zhao Wei wait too long. In 2008, Zhao Wei met Huang Youlong, a wealthy businessman, and the two registered for marriage in 2009.

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Zhao Wei was once asked by the host on the show: Why did you choose Huang Youlong from many suitors? Her answer at the time was: “Because Huang Youlong was very persistent when chasing me, and he was willing to pay a high price.”

“Grey” love

In April 2010, Zhao Wei gave birth to her daughter Huang Xin, whose nickname is “Little Four Months”.

Zhao Wei returned to work as an actor and director after giving birth, which was naturally hard. She rarely sees “Little April” when she is busy, so that when she accepted an exclusive interview with the magazine at the end of 2020, she felt “Little April is really too miserable”.

Zhao Wei also uses “gray” to describe love, which makes everyone wonder whether the marriage is in trouble. When she was asked “a female director should go to make a love movie that everyone is happy”, Zhao Wei’s reply was: “Oh, love is the most boring.” She added: “I just went to shoot, and it was just a failed love. “

This is not the first time that Zhao Wei has uttered “amazing” words. A few years ago, she said in Xin Entertainment Online that she “is even a person who has no hope of marriage”. She said that in marriage, you must first be yourself, “The main responsibility is not to give me the other half, not to increase the burden on my so-called marriage partner”, and then maintain my “independent personality” and “independent life.” .

There are many comments on the marriage between Zhao Wei and Huang Youlong, and Zhao Wei’s own words may reflect the relationship between the two more truly. @

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