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100,000 Amazon-branded vans are on the way

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“Amazon brand”: on the most famous e-commerce platform in the world there are thousands of no-logo items, or rather with the Amazon brand. From tomorrow in this category there could also be cars. Or rather vans that the Bezos giant has commissioned to Rivian, a very young car manufacturer (it was founded in 2009) specializing in electric vehicles and rather rooted in the territory since it has factories in Plymouth in Michigan, in Normal in Illinois, in San Jose and Irvine in California and the UK.

In fact, Amazon has just ordered 100,000 electric vans from Rivian, obtaining them (an easy feat since it is one of the main investors of the brand) with its own brand. The maxi order will start immediately as the first batch of vans, equal to 10 percent of the order, or 10,000 pieces, will be delivered by the end of next year.

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America, as we know, is a leading country in terms of road safety. And there, every new product launch, every maxi vehicle purchase, by law, must be reported to the NHTSA (the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, a federal agency that deals with road safety). And thanks to that we know almost everything about Amazon’s upcoming electric vans. In other words, these are models baptized 500 LHD Van, 500 RHD Van and 700 Van, with different load capacities (500 are cubic feet, i.e. 14.1 cubic meters and 700 are 19.8 cubic meters) and with left or right. This means Amazon will use its delivery vans around the world. The range of the Rivians has not been communicated, but it is known that there will be versions with single engine, double front engine and two engines (all electric, of course) and therefore with front or all-wheel drive.

In short, a very sophisticated technology (Tesla also uses it) demonstrating that Amazon aims to send very refined models around the world and, consequently, with great autonomy. It is estimated at least 500 km. We’ll see. Certainly the story does not end there because according to what was communicated to the NHTSA, Amazon will be able to sell its vans to other companies as well. In short, we are all waiting for the Apple car, but Amazon has instead beaten the apple giant over time.


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by Simone Cosimi


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