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5 apps every woman should have on her mobile

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5 apps every woman should have on her mobile

For your health and beauty, here are the 5 fundamental applications that every woman should download on her smartphone: here are what they are and what they are for.

Our mobile phone is now a faithful companion, useful for work and daily life. We often rely on him for reminders, searching for any kind of information and shopping. Within this wide range of uses, staying in touch with our loved ones almost seems to be an optional.

So here is a series of useful applications, which can help us with regards to our health and our physical well-being. More and more women rely on these methods to remember during the day how and when to take care of their body without getting too absorbed by work and various commitments. To do this in the best possible way, 5 applications will be enough to download and use in the right way by drawing on our trusted mobile phone. Here’s what they are and how to use them correctly.

5 useful applications for health and beauty

  • Flo, the menstrual calendar
    This app follows the trend of the menstrual cycle and the operation is very simple. In fact, it presents a calendar to consult and on which the user can write down the events to keep under control, such as the arrival of menstruation and the ovulation process. Thanks to a team of scientists always ready to provide the necessary help, Flo is like a real consultant at your fingertips.
  • Privalia, the best brands at bargain prices
    The fashion addicted will absolutely not be able to give up this application. it allows in fact to be able to draw on designer clothes and accessories with exaggerated discounts, which can even reach 70%. In this way it is possible to draw on incredible sales but keeping everything under control, as these are offers that are present for limited periods.
  • Entertainment and game apps
    The smartphone serves, among other things, to entertain us in exhausting waits or moments of leisure during the day. For this reason, it is advisable to download some apps that allow you to play and relax in the dead moments, away from work and the unexpected routine. Monopoly, Scarabeo or multiplayer such as MOBA could be an idea, which allow us to tap into more types without ever getting bored.
  • Companion, our greatest ally
    Smartphones appear above all as an important means of feeling safe in unpleasant or even dangerous situations. Companion therefore accompanies the women on their way home by monitoring their movements and contacting emergency numbers in case of problems. To use it, just establish the itinerary map once you open the app and your guardian angel will be able to remedy any inconvenience.
  • Nike Training Club for your daily fitness dose
    The famous sportswear brand has decided to launch applications for the various operating systems on the various stores, something that can entice us and remind us that we need to do fitness at least three times a week. The program is aimed at those who are eager to carry out the activity at home and in total autonomy, but the advice of experts is also present.
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