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505 Games will launch the home console version of Gunfire Reborn in 2022

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Global game publisher 505 Games and DOE Network (DOE Network) today announced a partnership to release “Gunfire Reborn” on global home consoles in 2022. This roguelite-style first-person cooperative shooting game “Gunfire Rebirth”, developed by TOEIC, with a global sales of 2 million, ended its early access on Steam today and was officially released on PC.

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Since its launch on Steam in May 2020, “Gunfire Rebirth” has been highly praised by players (94% of positive reviews on Steam), and it has been called “Impossible” in the enthusiastic evaluation of Famitsu (Famitsu). resist”. )

Both companies will introduce to the host players the fusion of the hero shooting game and roguelite of “Gunfire Rebirth”, and all the characteristics are presented in eye-catching cartoon renderings. Play a highly replayable game in a gorgeous setting, which can be solo or in cooperation with up to three other players. Mix and match more than 40 weapons, more than 100 scrolls, and powerful talents to create a battle system from devastating sharpshooters to magic-based alchemists.

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The host version of “Gunfire Rebirth” that will be launched globally will support multiple languages, allowing global players to enjoy the game through four-player cooperation. When announcing this distribution partnership, 505 Games and TOEIC will continue to maintain the business relationship that began in 2017 for the distribution agreement for Portal Knights.

Raffaele Galante, the co-CEO of 505 Games, and his brother Rami said: “We are very happy that 505 Games has once again started an exciting project with TOEIC. “Gunfire Rebirth” is a game that we have been paying attention to since its development in Guangzhou. Game, we are very pleased to see its sales on PC exceed 2 million. This new cooperation further deepens 505 Games’ influence in China and confirms that China has become a major development center for innovative paid gaming experiences, as well as 505 Games has become a bridge for outstanding Chinese developers to go global.”

“Gunfire Rebirth” will land on the global host in 2022, and will synchronize the new content on the PC in the future.


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