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8 year old boy rushed to hospital in Milan

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8 year old boy rushed to hospital in Milan

Andrea, 8 years old, was saved by the doctors Polyclinic from Milan. The child was the author of a bad adventure, given that he had inhaled a piece of pencil which had completely blocked the right bronchus of his lungs. For this reason it was necessary to take him to hospital.

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The story

Over the weeks, the child had recorded a strong cough which then began to worsen, so much so that he needed oxygen to be able to breathe. His parents decided to take him to hospital and the doctors at the Milan Polyclinic had to admit him first to pediatrics and then to pediatric intensive care in order to find out the diagnosis. The little boy then underwent a delicate endoscopy procedure to remove the pencil.

The intervention

The operation was carried out by three teams: Thoracic Surgery led by Mario Nosotti, Pediatric Surgery led by Ernesto Leva and Pediatric Intensive Care. Andrea, with his parents next to him since the pediatric therapy is open, went through the period of post-operative non-invasive ventilatory support treatment and the targeted physiotherapy programme.

The episodes

It is not the first time something similar has happened, at the Polyclinic there are a dozen similar episodes a year with children, especially a few years or a few months old, who ingest or inhale coins, pieces of toys, sometimes pieces of unfamiliar food. chewed or even magnets, pen caps or batteries. According to Giovanna Chidini, head of the pediatric intensive care unit at the Milan Polyclinic, foreign bodies that are inhaled represent the major cause of pediatric mortality and morbidity.

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