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a 74 year old and a 28 year old lost their lives, the dynamics

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a 74 year old and a 28 year old lost their lives, the dynamics

Due car accidents with results deadly occurred within a few hours on the roads of Pistoia. To lose one’s life elderly Of 74 years old it’s a lad Of 28. The area was hit by violent storms on Sunday evening which made the asphalt slippery and reduced visibility, contributing to making driving conditions more difficult.

Campopian Incident

A 74-year-old from Signa died in the first accident, Gianluigi Parenti. While negotiating a curve on a descent on the Modenese state road 66, near Campopiano, the man lost control of his Mercedes.

The car went straight and ended up against the edge of the road, then ended its run by crashing into some houses. There wife who was traveling with him remained slightly injured. At the time of the rescue she was in shock.

The red circles indicate the areas of the accidents: Campopiano is a fraction of the municipality of Pistoia which has around 60 inhabitants; Agliana is a municipality of approximately 18,000 inhabitants located between Pistoia and Prato.

Gianluigi Parenti was a retired train driver. Throughout his life he had cultivated a passion for cycling, first practicing it actively and then as sports director.

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Accident in Agliana

The 28 year old Ivan Niccolaifrom Quarrata, is the victim of theaccident in Agliana. While he was taking a roundabout between Pistoia and Prato, his small car skidded.

The vehicle ended up in a field below the roadway, hitting its nose. The young man is died instantly. The intervention of the firefighters was necessary to extract it from the sheets of metal.

The police are investigating to reconstruct the exact dynamics of the events, but at the moment it appears to be an independent accident.

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Road accidents in Italy

The latest data State relating to road accidents in Italy they concern the year 2022. The report talks about 165,889 accidentscon 223,475 injured e 3,159 deaths.

The number of victims is distributed as follows: 1,375 among car occupants (drivers and passengers), 851 among motorcyclists, 485 among pedestrians, 205 victims among cyclists, 166 among truck occupants, 16 deaths among those who drove electric scooters .

Fonte foto: 123RF

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