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A big hug opens the Incontra bar: the “gym” of the hotel

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A big hug opens the Incontra bar: the “gym” of the hotel

San Pellegrino Terme. Among the applause of the residents, the new «Incontra» bar opened its doors inside the former Modern hotel. It is an educational bar to offer students the opportunity to interface with the world of work.

A bar and soon an educational hotel, a real professional gym, egr offer students the opportunity to interface with the world of work. It is on these premises that on 4 February, to the applause of the community of San Pellegrino Terme, the new «Incontra» bar opened its doors inside the former hotel Moderno. The project is the result of an intense collaboration between the «In Cammino» social cooperative, which bought the entire property and redeveloped the interiors, and the San Pellegrino Higher Institute. The hotel had been closed for three years, while the upper floors, during the school year, housed the girls’ boarding school of the hotel institute. The bar anticipates the opening of the hotel-restaurant which should be operational from next summer, during the months when the boarding school is closed.

The inauguration was kicked off by about thirty boys from the second year classes of the institute who symbolically recreated a big hug at the hotel. «The synthesis of the project can be found precisely in the name of the bar, made up of three prepositions: “In” Con” and “Tra”. They are the perfect metaphor of the work that our cooperative has been active for thirty years in the Brembana Valley area – explained the president of In Cammino, Danila Beato -. Encounter, collaboration and the courage to dare are the pillars of this project in which we have invested a lot, but we know it will become a resource for the community itself and for the youngsters». The bar will therefore gradually begin to be used as a laboratory, firstly by students with frailty and then by second-year students, to help them choose a course. In addition to being joined by the professors, 23-year-old Nicola Gervasoni, a former student of the hotel school and member of the Cooperative who will manage the bar, will also be behind the counter.

«We have the ambition to create a “San Pellegrino Model” – explained the principal Giovanna Leidi – which is based on collaboration to create new opportunities. Precisely for this reason, the Moderno hotel must not be seen as an obstacle to other territorial activities, but as an added value that will also generate a new attraction for the valley. A special thanks goes to all the institutions that have contributed and to the teachers of the school, in particular to the professors Francesco Zurolo and Giuseppina Arzuffi, who are at the forefront of its realization».

After the greetings of the mayor Fausto Galizzi, representing the Municipality that has always supported the project, the blessing of the parish priest don Gianluca Brescianini and the traditional ribbon cutting. The undisputed protagonists were the students: «This type of experience will certainly help the two-year students because by trying more professions they can better understand which path to take in the third grade» explained Diego Paravisi of second E. «It is still a different way of learning, because you are you who get involved with people, customers, as in the working world» added his partner Marco Pietta. The bar is open Monday to Wednesday from 7 to 15; Friday from 7 to 19 and Saturday from 8 to 16.

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