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MinTrabajo advances in the regulation of sex work

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MinTrabajo advances in the regulation of sex work

In Cartagena, the technical table for analysis of sex work was developed, in accordance with the duties of the Ministry of Labor in response to the need for regulation identified by the Constitutional Court, in accordance with ruling T-629, which states:

“The Ministry of Labor must prepare a regulation proposal that protects all those who practice prostitution legally.”

“As a government of Change, we are not only ensuring the rights of sex workers, but also complying with an order from the Constitutional Court. To advance in this purpose from the Directorate of Fundamental Rights of the Ministry, we met with representatives of trade unions and unions, who, based on the social dialogue where the ILO also participated, identified 5 fundamental points, among them, the possibility of creating a negotiation table and dialogue on the regulation of sex work and implement prevention and inspection mechanisms to identify the type of labor relations that are exercised”, assured the Minister of Labor, Gloria Inés Ramírez.

Among the needs that were identified is also reviewing hiring schemes, working hours and occupational health and safety risks, protection against harassment and violence, promoting mechanisms for a possible census of workers in the sector and the promotion of spaces for trade union training and understanding of the right to collective bargaining.


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