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A tour of Barca’s new popular gym (which won’t be the only one in the neighborhood)

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A tour of Barca’s new popular gym (which won’t be the only one in the neighborhood)

Barca Sports Center opens in Borgo Panigale-Reno after extensive renovations

On February 20th, the former bowling club player Barca Sports Center in Borgo Panigale-Reno district reopened its doors as a multipurpose gym and cultural center. The renovation, which cost approximately 1.3 million euros, was funded by Pon funds and took about a year and a half to complete.

The new facility, located at via Sanzio 6/3, offers a wide range of sports activities as well as dance evenings, cultural meetings, and artistic activities. The gym, equipped with resistant laminated wood flooring and spacious changing rooms, occupies a 500 square meter space on the ground floor, with offices located on the first floor.

Bologna Mayor Matteo Lepore, along with councilors and neighborhood associations, attended the inauguration and expressed excitement about the new opportunities the center will provide for residents of all ages. The center aims to be open to all disciplines that can be done indoors and to train associations, providing a space for teenagers and elderly people to engage in various activities.

Giacomo Moiani, one of the managers of the sports center, stated, “Anyone is welcome, both we and the visitors were very curious about the final result and we are satisfied.” The center is also planning to gather organizations and sports associations that want to get involved with their ideas.

In addition to the Barca Sports Center, plans were announced for a similar structure in another area of the neighborhood, Beer. Neighborhood president Elena Gaggioli expressed the importance of allocating resources to more decentralized areas of Bologna, signaling an important investment in the community.

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The opening of the Barca Sports Center marks the revitalization of the former bowling club into a vibrant and inclusive hub for sports and cultural activities in the Borgo Panigale-Reno district.

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