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After seven months of illness the mayor of Rivalta is back in the saddle

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After seven months of illness the mayor of Rivalta is back in the saddle

“What happened to me made me realize that no one is immune to certain health problems, but the important thing is to find the right way out. I was lucky to have so many people who helped me: doctors, family and friends. We are at a good point and in the next few weeks I will start “restarting the engine”, after the forced stop ». These are the words of the mayor of Rivalta, Sergio Muro, who announces the imminent return after seven months of forced break due to a health problem encountered in March. An important moment for the city, after the mayor had sent a letter to the Municipality in his own hand in March, explaining that his situation made it impossible, provisionally, to continue to manage the position won with last year’s elections . Election round twelve months early due to the disappearance of former mayor Nicola De Ruggero.
In recent days ItaliaViva had issued a statement, asking for clarity on the state of health of the mayor after all this time the regency was maintained by the deputy, Agnese Orlandini. “Citizens are asking for greater transparency from the institutions – reads the note from Matteo Renzi’s party -, we have decided to accept the request of the rivaltesi by preparing a note that responds to the need to know what has happened and what has been happening since the month. of March 2022 “.

Right from the start, the Municipality has never hidden that Muro had to be absent for an indefinite period, due to health problems. «The last four years have been very heavy for me – adds the mayor of Rivalta -, and 2022 was like a vase that overflowed. During the journey I had to take, I never forgot Rivalta: I knew that the city was in excellent hands, thanks to the team I had chosen immediately after the vote and the clear message of the population to continue the work done up to that moment ».

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