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AirPods 3 + Apple Watch S7 released the latest news before the release

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Max Weinbach, who frequently broke the news, posted on Twitter yesterday, revealing the news that Apple Watch Series 7 and AirPods 3 will be released in the short term. Earlier there was news that due to internal design changes and the use of new screen technology, the production of Apple Watch Series 7 was blocked. It is unknown whether it will be released in mid-September and the release date may also be delayed.

In addition to the widely rumored change in the watch body design, the size has become 41mm and 45mm, and the screen of the Apple Watch Series 7 will adopt a fit technology. According to Weinbach’s news, a significant improvement in battery life will be the main feature of the Apple Watch Series 7. Selling point. It is a pity that Weinbach did not give any further explanation, the reasons for the improved endurance, and the use time of the new watch.

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As for another AirPods 3 that may be released in the short term, Weinbach said that the battery capacity of the charging protection box will increase by about 20% compared with the previous generation, and wireless charging will become a basic function. However, the battery size and sound quality of AirPods 3 headphones are similar to those of the previous generation, except that the bass is slightly improved. Apple’s first autumn launch event this year will be held on September 15th, Hong Kong time, and you will know whether Weinbach’s hit rate is as bad as before.

Source: macrumors

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