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amazing, here’s what can happen

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Nowadays the use of food supplements is very widespread, as if it were a fashion or better still, as if they were a remedy to solve physical problems, without the need for medical prescriptions or various drugs.

Food supplements, now used as a formula to keep diseases away, you can find them almost everywhere, intended for any type of problem or pathology, for example to protect the heart, improve memory, strengthen nails or hair, help menopause symptoms, lower blood cholesterol levels, fight infertility and much more.

Supplements can be found in different forms, tablets, tablets, powders or drops. Many doctors however claim that using such supplements though they are not intended as a complete replacement for a meal, but only to help with a specific diet. In fact, they are excellent for improving the energy ratio and improving our metabolism. Administered with precise instructions by a doctor or nutritionist, both to better understand the maximum doses, and as a contribution to the required needs.

In short, our many beloved supplements, they are only an enrichment to our diet, due to an emotional deficiency of vitamins or an actual deficiency of other substances. One example, pregnant women, take a lot of supplements to protect the future unborn baby.

But when faced with a healthy person, what are we going to meet? Those who have a balanced diet or in any case a good relationship with their body generally do not take additional supplements, having no particular needs, it would be enough to simply continue our healthy lifestyle at full speed.

Many people assume that with the term “natural” there is no risk, since everything comes in a healthy and natural way, but they do not know instead, that the natural product can hide big pitfalls, especially related to dosage: there are many substances in nature that under a certain dose have a desired effect, above can be real poisons. For this reason it is very important to know this, and to read the labels and contraindications very carefully.

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In conclusion, in essence, the use of food supplements is useful only in situations of actual food shortage or in particular states (anemia, pregnancies).

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