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“An eye examination can predict the risk”

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“An eye examination can predict the risk”

Ana Villaplana-Velasco, a researcher at the Usher and Roslin Institutes at the University of Edinburgh explains that changes in the vascularity of the retina can offer different insights into a human’s health.

She and her colleagues therefore decided to use retinal imaging, a technique considered to be non-invasive,

just for this purpose. Specifically, the scientists analyzed the complex branching patterns of the retinal vascular system by analyzing data included in a British biobank that

they cover medical records and lifestyle of 500,000 people.

Eventually, the researchers found that a particular size of the retina, called the fractal size, along with various blood vessel branching patterns, may be related to the risk of coronary heart disease and therefore myocardial infarction.

A surprising discovery

which in fact created a new evaluation model that allows to classify human subjects with the highest risk of myocardial infarction better than other similar models previously created with a prediction

up to five years before the event.

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