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Anniversary celebration: 100 years of Nitrolingual® – a milestone in the history of …

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Anniversary celebration: 100 years of Nitrolingual® – a milestone in the history of …

15.02.2024 – 16:11

G. Pohl-Boskamp GmbH & Co. KG

Hohenlockstedt (ots)

The 100th birthday of Nitrolingual®, the drug for the treatment of coronary heart disease from Pohl-Boskamp, ​​was duly celebrated with a ceremony yesterday. Many personalities from politics and business from home and abroad came to the celebration on the company premises in Hohenlockstedt. The owner couple Marianne Boskamp and Dr. Henning Ueck was pleased to receive greetings from the Prime Minister of Schleswig-Holstein, Daniel Günther, as well as the health policy statements from Heiner Will, Managing Director of medac GmbH. Also on the podium: the President of the German Society for Cardiology and Director of the University Clinic for Cardiology at the Heart Center in Leipzig, Prof. Dr. med. Holger Thiele. He gave an enthusiastic lecture on current developments in cardiology.

The ceremony was opened by Marianne Boskamp, ​​who explained the continued importance of Nitrolingual® as a groundbreaking drug in the treatment of angina pectoris: “Only a few manufacturers can claim to have a drug in their portfolio that is 100 years old is still listed on the WHO list of essential medicines.” In her speech, Marianne Boskamp highlighted the important role that Nitrolingual® has played for 100 years in improving the quality of life of patients with angina pectoris. It was only with the development of a gelatin chewing capsule filled with nitroglycerin solution that the medical use of nitroglycerin in patients became established. The pharmacist Kurt Boskamp, ​​the grandfather of the company owner, formed this first gelatin capsule with nitroglycerin in 1924 and gave it the brand name Nitrolingual® – nitroglycerin applied sublingually (under the tongue).

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Continuous product improvements as well as ever-increasing regulatory requirements require the company’s tireless commitment. Since last year, there have been global delivery bottlenecks, some of which are still being offset by increased production in Hohenlockstedt. Marianne Boskamp showed which planned legal changes have been announced that require further investments in order to keep the drug in global circulation.

Prime Minister Daniel Günther emphasized the importance of the company that goes beyond the borders of Schleswig-Holstein: “It makes me proud that we have a company in Schleswig-Holstein that helps worldwide to eliminate supply bottlenecks for an emergency preparation that is relevant to the supply production despite many imponderables.”

Heiner Will, managing director of medac GmbH from Wedel and a long-time health policy comrade, also gave a welcoming speech: Using nitroglycerin, he showed how proven active ingredients could be useful for other diseases as part of step-by-step innovations. Heiner Will encourages politicians: “Small and medium-sized businesses in particular know very well the active ingredients that have often been in use for decades. We need a reliable framework and planning security so that such investments in the further development of medicines can also be refinanced by the health insurance companies at appropriate prices.”

As part of the ceremony, Prof. Dr. med. Holger Thiele, President of the German Society for Cardiology and Director of the University Clinic for Cardiology at the Heart Center in Leipzig, welcomed around 200 guests from politics and business with a future-oriented keynote speech on the role of artificial intelligence in cardiology and the resulting quality improvements in patient care and patients. Prof. Thiele: “Artificial intelligence can, for example, predict future heart failure or a cardiac arrhythmia such as atrial fibrillation from a supposedly normal ECG. However, it will not replace medical art and interpretation of findings.”

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In addition to the lectures, there was a diverse supporting program: from music from the 1920s, production tours and refreshing resuscitation skills to a virtual journey through the heart using VR glasses, everything was focused on the heart. The event, moderated by Yared Dibaba, also offered a platform for a stimulating exchange between the guests.

The ceremony marking the 100th birthday of Nitrolingual® was not only a successful celebration of the past century, but also a glimpse of a challenging future for the drug and opportunities in the heart sector for the medium-sized company.

About nitroglycerin preparations

Short-acting nitroglycerin preparations are medications used to quickly treat angina pectoris. They contain the active ingredient glycerol trinitrate, which is absorbed and converted by the body very quickly after ingestion. This produces nitric oxide, a natural messenger substance that expands the heart vessels and thus improves blood flow and oxygen supply to the heart. In addition, the blood vessels in the body expand. The spray can be used both to treat an acute angina pectoris attack and as a preventive measure for expected symptoms caused by physical or emotional stress.

About Pohl-Boskamp

G. Pohl-Boskamp GmbH & Co. KG, headquartered in Hohenlockstedt, Schleswig-Holstein, is one of Germany’s leading medium-sized pharmaceutical companies. The medium-sized pharmaceutical company has been firmly anchored in the Steinburg district since 1946. Pohl-Boskamp currently employs around 650 people at its two locations, the production and logistics plant in Dägeling and the company headquarters in Hohenlockstedt. Owner Marianne Boskamp is the fourth generation to run the family-run company – together with her husband, Dr. Henning Ueck. Pohl-Boskamp develops, produces and sells high-quality medications for the treatment of acute and chronic diseases. The company sells international branded products such as GeloMyrtol® forte & Myrtol®, GeloRevoice®, Sobrade®, NYDA®, Kalmeda®, Nitrolingual®, LOYON® and Gepan®.

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