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one is the gym attacker [FOTO]

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one is the gym attacker [FOTO]

The carabinieri of the breaking latest news Provincial Command, under the orders of Colonel Riccardo Barbera, arrested two bodybuilders who hid drugs, anabolics and a pistol with ammunition at home.
The control in the house two two, a 48-year-old of Albanian nationality and a 52-year-old from breaking latest news known in the circles of bodybuilding and gyms, took place today, Tuesday 2 August.

The action of the Arma military was carried out in response to one of the latest events that disturbed the tranquility of the breaking latest news summer, namely the brutal attack of the 21-year-old girl in the Audacia gym.

In detail, the searches carried out in the homes of the two led to the discovery and seizure of 160 grams of narcotic substance of the cocaine type, partly divided into doses and various materials for packaging with a precision electronic sling, number 15 ampoules of steroids. anabolics including “nandrolone decanoate” and “testosterone”, an automatic pistol brand “Colt Dallara Castom”, 10 gauge and 58 cartridges. The weapon and its ammunition were found to be a compendium of theft committed in 2019 in Francavilla al Mare. The two men, arrested in the act of crime, were accompanied to the San Donato prison.

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