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Artem Uss still on the run, was he helped? Checks on alleged accomplices

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Artem Uss still on the run, was he helped?  Checks on alleged accomplices

Milan, March 27, 2023 – It’s still in leak Artem Uss. DellRussian entrepreneur – stopped at Malpensa on 17 October, on an international arrest warrant from the New York judicial authority – traces were lost on the afternoon of Wednesday 22 March.

That day, with a car driven by an accomplice, Uss allegedly left the Cascina Vione complex, in the countryside around in Basiglio, where he was at House arrest (electronic bracelet), after the yes to extradition to the US for violation of the embargo against Venezuela and bank fraud.

Today, in the prosecutor’s office in Milan, it was held a ‘diplomatic-operational’ meeting between some American authorities and the owners of the leak investigation. From what has been known, in the investigations conducted by the carabinieri and coordinated by the prosecutor Giovanni Tarzia and the prosecutor Viola, as well as to the crime of evasion concretely also that of procured escape.

Investigations locks are going on, in fact, even on alleged accomplices, a network of people to be rebuilt, who would have helped the 40-year-old escape with surgical planning and organization. The probable involvement of people arriving from abroad and the Russian secret services is also being investigated on this front. And Uss, meanwhile, with great probability would already be abroad.

Police investigations start from the car, which in the past has already been controlled several times, and by the choice, perhaps not accidental, of his wife to leave Italy – for family reasons – since last March 13, despite the fact that she was the person appointed to take care of his needs during detention at home . An authorized removal.

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Today’s meeting, in an atmosphere of full collaboration, also served to reassure about the forces deployed to investigate the escape of the man who, given the enormous financial resources, could not only be in possession of a false identity, but also of a very extensive coverage network to ensure a long inaction.

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