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«At Pascoli a student was beaten with belts»

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«At Pascoli a student was beaten with belts»

“The boys knew what had happened to Pascolithey talked about it constantly», said Lara Panzani, from Florence, Open City, mother of a student of Michelangelo, reporting first the message of a professor of Pascoli who circulates in chats. What is said is that on February 9in front of the institute in viale don Minzoni in Florence, a student had had a discussion with some militants of Azione Studentesca who were handing out leaflets and “He was beaten with a belt”.

On the episode there are also the confirmations of two other teachers who tell: «Since then we have had the Digos in front of the school».

But not only. Even at Michelangelo – apparently, because there is nothing official – the history of attacks is a recurring theme. So that, one of our readers told us that his daughtera student of Michelangelo, had long talked to him about situation of tension that existed in the schools of the city centre.

In the meantime, indeed the students called a rally, with a procession, in Florence against “against the fascist aggression of Pascoli and Michelangelo perpetrated by the young people of Fdi”. The initiative is announced for February 21, at 6pm, in the gardens of viale Malta. The demonstration was called by self-organized Florentine students to, as stated in a brief note, «condemn the act of squad violence that took place on Saturday 16 February».

political reactions

The day after the attack, political controversies continued. From Brothers of Italy the positions taken and declarations are multiplying. «Nobody tries to build ambiguity or doubts about our thinking – says Francesco Torselli, group leader of the Brothers of Italy in the regional council of Tuscany – Aggressions, intimidations, cowardly acts belong neither to our history nor to our way of doing politics. Fratelli d’Italia and its youth movements reject violence as a form of political demonstration and openly condemn any aggression or intimidation, wherever it comes from”.

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The requests for further clarifications, especially from the premier (who has not spoken), however do not stop and not only at the city level but also from Rome. «Why does Giorgia Meloni keep silent? You just fail to convict the attackers? – say the exponents of the Movimento 5 Stelle in the Education Committee of the Chamber and Senate We will urge the government to come to Parliament to describe the contours of this disturbing story, to express a firm condemnation and to tell us if it does not believe that associations such as Azione Studentesca responsible for similar episodes should not be dissolved ».

“It is now evident that the beating of some students which took place at the Liceo Michelangiolo in Florence was a typical squad and fascist action – they say the Tuscan senators of the Pd Silvio Franceschelli, Dario Parrini and Ylenia Zambit – Twenty-four hours after the incident, Giorgia Meloni and the top national leaders of Fdi, usually very easy-going, have not yet issued a statement condemning the cowardly and violent act and showing solidarity with the attacked. This is very serious. As far as we are concerned, we will present a parliamentary question and we will certainly call on Minister Piantedosi to report to the Senate».

“What happened is very serious,” says the president of della Toscana Eugene Giani – There is a state of tension which reveals that the episode is not isolated. The brutality and malice highlighted by the images that circulate make evident the predetermination and chilling responsibilities».

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