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At the University of Rome “Tor Vergata” the Seminar “I come from sport” dedicated to students of Sports Science

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At the University of Rome “Tor Vergata” the Seminar “I come from sport” dedicated to students of Sports Science

As part of the “Sport and Integration” teaching module, the students took part in a training session on the relationship between sport and inclusion and on enhancing the educational role of future motor activity technicians and teachers.

The Seminar “I come from sportsorganized in collaboration with theUniversity of Rome “Tor Vergata”was the occasion to introduce the didactic module “Sport and Integration”reserved for students of the degree course in Motor Sciences.

Through the meeting – moderated by the former swimmer Christina Closed and which opened with greetings, among others, from Prof. Nathan Leviald’s GhironMagnificent Rector of theUniversity of Rome “Tor Vergata”, of Dr Tatiana Esposito, Director General of the Directorate General of Immigration and Integration Policies of Ministry of Labor and Social Policies and of Dr. Stephen GobbiHead of Social Policies and the Third Sector of Sports and Health – the students were able to learn about the topics that will be addressed during the course, thus starting a process of reflection that will concern the role of sport as a vehicle for inclusion and social innovation.

In particular, the testimonials of Stephen Pantanoformer fencer and Legend of Sport and Health, and of Susanna Marietti, coordinator of the Antigone Association, have contributed to underline the importance oftrainer as a crucial figure in the management of multi-cultural groups and in enhancement of sport as a meeting ground, dialogue, comparison and contrast to discrimination.

“As a Legend of Sport and Health I feel the responsibility to pass on the values ​​that sport has taught me since I was a child, inclusion, respect for the rules and for the opponent, tolerance.” he said Stephen Pantano. “Sport is fun and socialising, there are no barriers, races or religions, everyone starts from the same level, everyone is part of a single family. As an athlete and coach of the FF.OO. State Police I remind you that our youth sections, scattered throughout the country, are all opened in disadvantaged areas, in order to be able to transmit the aforementioned values ​​to young people and direct them towards a path which, beyond the results, gives everyone the opportunity to do sport and make them grow up as honest people.”

Per Susanna Marietti Sport is an incomparable tool for social inclusion and for overcoming stereotypes. Our Atletico Rights teams that play in prison have allowed an opening towards the outside world, with the many opposing teams that cross the walls every Saturday for matches against us, and have shown the outside world that there are people in prison normal, who have made a mistake but who are not different from us for this reason. Sport is also a universal language, which in recent years has allowed us to convey the values ​​of solidarity and inclusion to all categories of public opinion.”

Virginia TancrediPresident of the Degree Course in Motor Sciences of the University of Rome “Tor Vergata”, said: “The success of the new training stream opened by our course of study, which after an initial pilot phase in our university – carried out in collaboration with the Ministry of Labor and Social Policies and with Sport and Health – has spread in the development phase to 10 Italian universities, is a source of satisfaction and pride for us. The result obtainable thanks to the specific training of our students on a major topic

social topicality such as integration, goes well beyond the sporting sphere and demonstrates once again how sport can be an effective tool for cultural growth and therefore for social, as well as physical, well-being”.

Second Laura Pantanellaprofessor at the University of Rome Tor Vergata, “The course was immediately very popular. Since the first year, a training offer aimed at highly topical issues has been received by students as a sign of modernity and adequacy of university training to the real needs of society and the world of work. Over time, interest and participation have grown further, also thanks to the fact that students who are already starting to carry out their activity in the sports field encounter the theme of integration in practically every context and in all disciplines. This stimulated the entire class group, which had proof of the modernity and need of the knowledge transmitted by the course as crucial for a profitable activity in the field of motor sciences and sport in the current social panorama and in that of the future”.

The meeting is one of 11 seminars which will be carried out in as many Italian universities as part of the didactic module “Sport and Integration” – an intervention promoted as part of the “Sport and integration” project carried out by Sport e Salute SpA and financed by the Ministry of Labor and Social Policies.

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Upcoming scheduled meetings:

  • March 7 – University of Torino
  • March 21 – University of Parma
  • March 30 – University of Napoli

All the information on the Program Agreement, the actions carried out and in progress are available on the site.

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