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Back to school, vaccine check and homework checklist – News

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Back to school, vaccine check and homework checklist – News

A check-up at the pediatrician, if the child hasn’t been there for some time, as well as checking for the necessary vaccinations. In addition to this, attention to sleep that is sufficient according to age, adequate physical activity, a nutritious breakfast that contains protein and an environment in which to do homework that is spacious enough, communicates serenity and is designed to avoid distractions.
Here are some things to expect ahead of back to school according to the American Academy of Pediatrics (Aap).

American pediatricians also suggest establishing a rule at home according to which TV and devices remain off during homework.
Some children also need extra help organizing their homework. To-do checklists, a timer, and parental supervision can help overcome homework problems. Furthermore, the time of the imminent return to school is the ideal time according to the American Academy of Pediatrics to start conversations with your children about how to make the most of social media, so that their use does not become problematic. In addition to this, it is important to make sure the kids can discuss difficult issues in view of the new school year, in a sort of ‘safety zone’ without judgments.
“It is common for children to have a little nervousness in the first few days of returning to school or in class with a new teacher or classmates – notes Sara Bode, president of the AAP Council on School Health – and this can happen to any age.
Families can reassure their children that others feel the same way too. It’s helpful to ask your children what they’re worried about and help them problem-solve to master the new situation.”

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