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Bankinter Celebrates 5 Years of ‘Bankinter Takes Care of You’ Wellness Program

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Bankinter Celebrates 5 Years of ‘Bankinter Takes Care of You’ Wellness Program

Bankinter Celebrates 5 Years of Wellness Program

Bankinter is celebrating a significant milestone as they mark the 5th anniversary of their health and wellness program, ‘Bankinter takes care of you’. The program, aimed at promoting healthy lifestyle habits and overall well-being, has been a source of pride for the company and its employees.

Ana García Orden, Director of Internal Communication and creator of ‘Bankinter takes care of you’, expressed her gratitude to all the employees who have participated in the program over the past five years. She highlighted the achievements made during this journey and emphasized the importance of the program in promoting well-being among the staff.

The program, initially launched five years ago, has evolved to include the digitization of the program through the application ‘United Heroes’. This platform promotes teamwork and collective challenges with social and environmental impact, contributing to a more connected and cohesive work environment.

Furthermore, ‘Bankinter takes care of you’ has expanded to become a global program across the Bankinter group, reaching employees in Spain, Portugal, Ireland, and Luxembourg. The program is currently based on five pillars that represent the five main dimensions of well-being: physical, social, emotional, intellectual, and economic well-being.

Looking towards the future, the program aims to focus on promoting a healthy diet, road safety, and sleep hygiene in 2024. Initiatives will be developed to ensure the achievement of these objectives and to address any emerging needs.

The 5th-anniversary video of ‘Bankinter takes care of you’ showcases the impact of the program through the sincere testimonies of the employees. It highlights the successful incorporation of healthy habits into their lives and the sense of team and company building achieved through collective challenges.

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Employees share their experiences and the impact of the program on their well-being and their connection to Bankinter in the video. The overwhelming success and positive feedback from employees demonstrate the effectiveness of the program and its impact on the company’s values and culture.

As Bankinter celebrates this significant milestone, they invite everyone to join in the festivities and congratulate the team on their commitment to well-being. Cheers to ‘Bankinter takes care of you’ and here’s to another five years of success!

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