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Berlusconi and hospitalization at San Raffaele for leukemia, live | The «spy values» still high

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Berlusconi and hospitalization at San Raffaele for leukemia, live |  The «spy values» still high

• One more night in intensive care for Silvio Berlusconi, 86, who has been hospitalized since Wednesday at San Raffaele in Milan for pneumonia and chronic myelomonocytic leukemia.
• No medical bulletins were issued on Friday, but the leader’s health conditions remain serious, and with the risk of complications. With the founder of Forza Italia, also yesterday, in addition to Marta Fascina, the 5 children took turns.
• However, signs of optimism are emerging from the senator’s family and closest friends.

08:01 am – “Cautious optimism”, less concern for the kidneys and the values ​​of white blood cells fall

According to the first information leaking from hospital sources, Silvio Berlusconi’s third night in intensive care also passed peacefully.

The leader of Forza Italia would have recorded improvements that bode well for health and family members. So there is a cautious optimism among doctors and family members it’s a less concern about the condition of the kidneyswhich in recent days had alarmed a lot, and the gradual decline in white blood cell values in the blood.

A medical bulletin is expected today after no updates were released yesterday.

07:31 am – The two doctors who are treating Berlusconi at this moment

(Silvia Turin) Two key figures of the San Raffaele hospital they deal with the vital parameters and the pathology for which Silvio Berlusconi is hospitalized in intensive care: I am Alberto Zangrillo and Fabio Ciceri.

The first is for 30 years the personal doctor of the leader of Forza Italiaalways close at all times when there was a need to intervene, but also linked to Silvio by now by a deep friendship.

The second was called to deal with the consequences of the chronic myelomonocytic leukemia diagnosed in Berlusconi and due to the complicationsespecially bilateral pneumonia and renal failure.

Ciceri has always dealt with the treatment of acute leukaemias, aggressive lymphomas, myeloproliferative neoplasms and anemias. Throughout his career he has developed advanced skills in the field of bone marrow transplantation. For years he has been involved in the clinical development of advanced therapy programs (such as gene and cell therapy) in the oncological and non-oncological fields.

Born on 29 July 1964 in Milan, Fabio Ciceri is head of the hematology and bone marrow transplantation units and since 2022 director of the Cancer Center of the Irccs San Raffaele hospital. He is full professor of Hematology at the Vita-Salute San Raffaele University, where he directs the respective specialization school and is president of Gitmo, the Italian bone marrow transplantation group.

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Passionate about classical music and opera, he is also active in social affairs. He has been involved for years in international cooperation in the medical health field with Aispo (Italian Association for Solidarity among Peoples), an NGO of which he is also president.

A figure best known to the public, a nonconformist, courted several times by politics, Alberto Zangrillo has always chosen medicine by declaring “I was born a doctor and I will die a doctor”.

His medical career was entirely devoted to resuscitation. Zangrillo worked hard to ensure that intensive care was interpreted in a multidisciplinary way, each time involving the skills useful to the patient.

Among his clinical successes, we recall the case of a 14-year-old from Cuggiono, Michi, who was trapped in the waters of the Naviglio Grande in 2015 for 43 minutes (after diving from a bridge) and revived with an “extreme” technique that allowed the boy to wake up in good health after a month.

Born in Genoa on 13 April 1958, an avid fan of Genoa Calcio since he was a child, he also became its president two years ago. He was awarded the title of Knight of Merit of the Italian Republic and Commendatore. (Full article here)

07:27 – The “strong caution” of doctors and the “indicative values” of leukemia still high

(Sarah Bettoni) It’s a day of waiting, at the San Raffaele. Silvio Berlusconi remains hospitalized in intensive care.

It is too early to be sure of the effect of the cures: the “indicator” values ​​of chronic leukemia have dropped but still remain high.

The fight is always against the White blood cells.

The same goes for the pneumonia: the continuous antibiotic therapy.

Subtraction premature to make predictions. This is perhaps the reason why the hospital does not issue a new medical bulletin.

After the fears and the great scare, the slight improvement of the day before yesterday, the conditions of the former prime minister can be defined as stable.

Caution remains a must: on an immunosuppressed physique it may take little to precipitate the situation. But that’s not the case yesterday. So much so that Berlusconi’s party demonstrates high morale.

(Full article here)

07:20 am – The junctions around Forza Italia: Meloni’s plans, Renzi’s aims

(Francesco Verderami) Annoyed by the rumors about the fate of the party, while Berlusconi is fighting in the hospital, Confalonieri reacted: «Forza Italia is Silvio». With this lapidary expression, the lifelong friend of the Knight wanted to silence a meaningless chatter, indicating the fate of the political creature of which Berlusconi represents the alpha and omega.

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Epperò, a delicate question arises on the future balance of the centre-right. Which calls into question those who lead the coalition: Melons. The theme of how to design a new political geography – on the agenda since the beginning of the legislature – is highlighted today by events. All this forces allies (and adversaries) to act accordingly. For some time the premier – to quote an authoritative Italian exponent – has been “aware of the transition”. Also because Forza Italia is numerically and politically decisive.

Translated it means that sooner or later you will come to the crossroads. And that the prime minister will have a decisive role in the choice. On the one hand there is the option of gathering, a sort of Pdl 2.0 that is functional to Meloni’s ambition to build a “common path between Conservatives and Populars” in Europe, capable of leading the Union. However, a common list would suffer from a series of problems: the first is linked to the proportional voting system, which favors counting between different identities; the second – much more important – is that Forza Italia is part of the EPP while FdI is in the ECR.

The point is whether the political operation will be built – perhaps with a public appeal by the Knight to the Republican Party – or whether it will be the result of events. In that case it would risk lend a side to the countermoves of Salvini and Renziinterested in the force political legacy.

The founder of IV, in the shadow of the new journalistic role, is moving with the Azzurri managers. According to accredited sources, “he also dialogues with Marina Berlusconi, with whom he boasts excellent relations”. Renzi tried to build an agreement with the Northern League Fedriga at the Regionals in Friuli, to “repeat the Genoese experiment”. But Calenda got in the way. That is enough to understand the state of relations in the third pole and to guess how many players are involved in Forza Italia. The center today is a huge crater that (perhaps) will not turn into a political space. But seeing how many go around us, there must be a reason…

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(Full article here)

07:16 – Berlusconi, between shares and politics. The family (without wars) in the face of the leader’s illness

(Roberto Gressi) How difficult it is a leader’s illness. How much cruel and inescapable exposure, when at stake there is not only personal suffering and that of one’s loved ones, but also the fate of an economic empire, that of a party and a government, alliances and international relations, with the reason of State claiming its share. Silvio Berlusconi, when he had heart surgery and underwent a terrifying convalescence, confessed to a few close friends that he had thought of death as the end of the torture. A human reaction that does not prevent him now from fighting the new battle with all his strength and with good hopes. Nor is he surprised by the high flight of the flock of polite vultures, who sadly watchsome by finding a way to say that they had been promised a brooch by Trifari, some a painting by de Chirico, some a few hundred thousand votes.

It is in this framework, with variable hues, that the elderly leader discovers, or has confirmation, that he has a family. Out of interest, somehow there is no doubt, given that we are talking about the third richest man in Italy, according to Forbes, with more or less seven billion euros, and the three hundred and seventy-eighth Scrooge in the world. Without neglecting that money is not only counted, but weighed, and the political power of relationship that accompanies it is immeasurable. But the cord of family protection that has tightened around him also speaks of something else, namely of a common future, made up of prospects and profound affections, and of the hope, not usual in large families, that the Founder still has years to go share with them.

And yet. It is certainly a complex situation that has opened up.

There is no certain news that there is a writing or something that foreshadows the future arrangements of the group.

(Full article here)

– Marina Berlusconi, Piersilvio Berlusconi and Marta Fascina

07:10 – The third night, quiet, in the hospital

Third night in hospital for Berlusconi.

The 86-year-old Forza Italia leader remains serious but stable in intensive care, with a slight improvement in the lung infection. But the risk of complications remains.

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