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Bethesda’s only new IP “Starfield” in 25 years will be released

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Bethesda’s only new IP “Starfield” in 25 years will be launched

It has been at least two years since E3 has not gone to E3. Under the influence of the global epidemic this year, one of the largest game exhibitions has naturally become a webcast. At the time of writing, I just finished the two large-scale press conferences of Ubisoft Forward and Xbox & Bethesda Games. It is also simple to say that this E3 will not do online live broadcasts with the company for four consecutive days. In addition to the two companies just mentioned, there is Take -Two, CAPCOM, Nintendo, etc., don’t know more about the problems of game companies, they are all first to see the game.

First of all, Ubisoft wins by volume, but they are all familiar IPs, so I will talk about it later. It is more surprising that there is only an adaptation of the 2009 movie “Avatar”. In addition, “Mario+Rabbids” has new titles released (part One episode is pretty unmistakable). Staying with me is the acquisition of Bethesda and the full promotion of Game Pass’s Xbox. Although it is really exclusive, but as expected, the game lineup is amazing. Many new works such as “Age of Empire IV”, “The Outer Worlds 2”, “Battlefield 2042” “The news is exciting. I am disappointed because there is still no news of “The Elder Scrolls 6,” but Bethesda officially announced the new IP “Starfield”, which was also announced in 2018, and finally handed it to everyone. With outer space and the universe as the themes, I believe there is definitely a chance to become another work, and it is scheduled to be played in November next year. At least there will be a date to wait, but it is also a matter of course, “Xbox and PC exclusive”!

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Source: https://www.am730.com.hk/column/technology/bethesda-the only new ip in 25 years-“starfield” will be launched-272173

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