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Beware of earwax in your ears, you absolutely mustn’t overlook this color

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Beware of earwax in your ears, you absolutely mustn’t overlook this color

The presence of cerumen is a normal, completely physiological fact. But when, on the other hand, should we be alarmed? There are, in fact, situations in which it is advisable to consult a doctor.
The production of earwax is a physiological fact, slight variations in color can also be considered completely normal: the human body is a perfect machine but it is not robotic, therefore secretions can take on different characteristics over time. Or it may be a time-limited event. But there are changes that need to be monitored and, if necessary, submit to the attention of a doctor so that he can make his assessments having all the scientific knowledge of the case on his side.

Earwax in the ears – ladestranews

Thus, if the subject has suffered a trauma and complains of the presence of wax of a different color, an indicator of the possible presence of blood, for example, it is clear that it is possible suspect a more serious problem. Here, then, are the cases in which to be alarmed and request the intervention of someone specialist. However, it is established that one can go to a doctor even just for a consultation without necessarily being alarmed for some reason or for some strangeness encountered: however, do-it-yourself is always not recommended. It affects hearing: a very important sense. Also, but not only, to keep listening to good music.

Cerumen in the ears: when it is to be considered physiological

Earwax, as the word implies, has the consistency of wax and, in fact, has the very purpose – yes, its presence has a precise objective – to keep the ear canal hydrated and protected. So it has a positive purpose despite being most often associated with an idea that arouses repulsion. If its color is white, yellow, orange, even brown, it has completely physiological characteristics and, in general, one can rest assured. However, if there are other symptoms such as pain, itching, burning, redness or if you realize that you no longer feel as good as you once did, it is advisable to undergo a check-up.

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Earwax in the ears – ladestranews.it

It can be more or less dense and even in this case, within certain limits, it can be considered normal. The body is a machine, yes, but with parameters that can obviously undergo slight variations. Just look at the blood tests: the values ​​are not always the same even though they are, perhaps, perfectly within the limits of good health. But there are situations where, however, the particular color of the earwax could indicate an anomaly.

And when color, on the other hand, should alarm

A green earwax could indicate the presence of one infection ongoing, possibly to be dealt with specific drugs and only with the advice of a specialist. The doctor may decide to evaluate the situation with the use of adequate equipment designed for this purpose. The color red could indicate, for example, a simple one excoriationperhaps from scratching with a fingernail.

Beware of earwax in the ears – ladestranews

Even the black color could simply be an indicator of sediment old earwax or presence of dirt and earwax which certainly must be removed, again with the use of suitable solutions (for example drugs in liquid form, while sticks with a wad are usually not considered the best practice). But, be careful, red or black could also indicate something else, that is presence of blood resulting, perhaps, from a trauma such as a ruptured eardrum. If these traces of blood or, in any case, the red or black color should persist, it is always advisable to ask for a consultation. Without fear and without shame. Health is a precious commodity.

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