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Beware of this very common symptom which could reveal the presence of a tumor

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We often underestimate the well-being of our body, we don’t do enough medical examinations and we don’t take care of our health. We tend to postpone all important and routine appointments. But at any age it would be ideal to have check-ups, in order to prevent any problems. Because we must not ignore any small warning signs that are not within the norm.

This does not mean always being anxious and worried, but contacting your doctor when we understand that something is wrong. The alarm bells, even slight ones, must not be neglected, but addressed, because they could also indicate the onset of a tumor.

Beware of this very common symptom which could reveal the presence of a tumor

There are days when the cough takes your breath away, but the next day it disappears as if by magic. But it can also happen that you cough excessively for several days. The cough can be oily, due to the presence of mucus, and dry, triggered by viruses, bacteria, allergies.

It is acute when it does not last too long, for example when we have a cold, but also bronchitis. Instead, it is chronic when it doesn’t go away for weeks, revealing possible important causes, such as emphysema.

But beware of this widespread symptom which could reveal the presence of a tumor. Among the causes that can lead to cough, in fact, there is lung cancer, when it worsens over time and is accompanied by other symptoms. But coughing could also signal the presence of a tumor in the esophagus, an organ between the pharynx and stomach.

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The list of possible causes related to cough is extensive and includes: asthma, esophageal diverticula, laryngitis, cystic fibrosis. If our cough does not go away and we notice other pains or abnormalities, we immediately contact a specialist to understand the true cause. Anyone with heart disease and leg swelling should also seek immediate medical attention.

There are several tools and tests suitable for understanding the nature of cough, before alarming we do all the necessary visits. But if there are also breathing problems or swelling in the throat, we run to the emergency room.

What to do

The triggers of continuous and / or lasting cough can be many. Certain medications, taken in case of allergies, reflux or lung disease, for example. Smoking, even passive smoking, can cause coughs, discomfort and complications.

When we understand, through the analyzes, what our diagnosis is, then the doctor will indicate the suitable therapy, some, for example, involve the use of drugs, such as mucolytics or antihistamines. To give temporary relief to the throat, we can drink plenty of water and absolutely avoid smoking.

(We remind you to carefully read the warnings regarding this article, which can be consulted WHO”)

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