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Bienatura® from Bienen Ruck – medicine and health, medical specialists and wellness

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Bienatura® from Bienen Ruck – medicine and health, medical specialists and wellness

Propolis – A natural protective shield for every season

Propolis tincture from Bienatura®

Bienatura®, the renowned brand from Bienen Ruck GmbH, is very popular all year round among health-conscious people and nature enthusiasts. As a leader in bee products, Bienatura draws on a deep, centuries-old understanding of the healing powers of nature to create products that not only nourish the body, but can also provide comprehensive protection. A highlight in the range is propolis, famous for its strong antimicrobial and antiviral effects.

At a time when health comes first, Bienatura presents a selection of propolis-based products that can naturally strengthen the immune system. Propolis, the resinous material that bees collect, is recognized for its health-promoting properties. Bienatura uses this valuable “bee putty resin” to develop a wide range of products such as tinctures, syrups and capsules that can specifically support the body’s own defenses.

Bienen Ruck GmbH, which has been deeply rooted in beekeeping since 1926, brings its extensive specialist knowledge and passion for bee products to the Bienatura® brand. The family-owned company is committed to ensuring the purity and effectiveness of its products by applying the strictest quality controls and sustainable practices.

The propolis products from Bienatura® are a valuable companion through all seasons by using the natural power of propolis. Propolis can strengthen the immune system and provide a natural line of defense against pathogens.

Bienatura® and Bienen-Ruck together represent a strong commitment to quality and the healing power of nature. They invite customers to discover the beneficial properties of propolis and protect themselves naturally all year round.

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For more information about Bienatura and its diverse propolis products, please visit www.bienatura.de.


We store all the power of nature in all Bienatura bee products by only using the purest and best quality honey and propolis. The secret of our high-quality natural products: We have been collecting valuable experience in beekeeping for over 90 years and bring this special expertise into our family business.

Company contact
Daniel Ruck
Am Angertor 9
97618 Wülfershausen

Press contact
Bee Ruck GmbH
Daniel Ruck
Am Angertor 9
97618 Wülfershausen
09762 305

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