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Calories, how many to cut for strong muscles and reduce aging

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Calories, how many to cut for strong muscles and reduce aging

Study Reveals Small Calorie Reduction Leads to Stronger Muscles and Healthy Aging

A recent study has uncovered the surprising amount of calories that need to be reduced in order to promote stronger muscles and combat aging. Conducted by the American National Institute on Aging (NIA) under the direction of Italian scientist Luigi Ferrucci, the study found that a modest reduction in daily calorie intake can have significant health benefits.

The study, known as CALERIE (Comprehensive Assessment of Long-Term Effects of Reducing Intake of Energy), revealed that a 12% reduction in calories, without sacrificing essential nutrients, can rejuvenate muscles and activate key biological pathways linked to healthier aging. While the study participants aimed for a daily calorie reduction of 25%, they achieved an average reduction of 12% over the course of two years, still producing significant health benefits.

Ferrucci emphasized, “Reducing your calorie intake by 12% is a small thing, but this is precisely why it is feasible and can make a big difference to your health.”

In order to further understand the biological impact of calorie restriction, researchers conducted muscle biopsies on participants at the start of the study and then again after one and two years. The results were clear: calorie restriction stimulated genes involved in energy generation and metabolism, while curbing inflammatory genes. This indicates that calorie restriction represents a powerful approach to prevent the pro-inflammatory state that develops in many older people.

Additionally, although the participants lost muscle mass over the course of the study, they did not experience a corresponding loss in muscle strength. This suggests an improvement in muscle-specific strength, the amount of power generated per unit of muscle. Furthermore, a limited form of calorie restriction did not appear to have negative effects on strength and energy.

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The findings of this study offer hope for potential strategies to combat age-related diseases and promote healthier aging. The modest reduction in calorie intake required to achieve these benefits opens new avenues for further research and potential interventions.


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