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Can managers give up alcohol for 40 days?

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Can managers give up alcohol for 40 days?

Toasting with colleagues: It is often professionally challenging for managers to avoid alcohol. Image: Picture Alliance

A big assignment, a business lunch or a tiring day: in the lives of entrepreneurs and superiors there are many occasions to have a drink. How do managers deal with this during Lent?

Johannes Seitz wanted to keep a clear head. When the director of the Offenbach company “Schrammlacke” met for business lunches around 90 years ago, he would instruct the waitress beforehand: If the others were given a fruit brandy or schnapps, there would be water in his glass. If there was a round of whiskey, he was served cold black tea.

His family still speaks with Respect and amazement for the man who had found his own way to conform to convention but avoid alcohol. Albeit in secret.

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