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Cardiovascular disease, big and bad surprise from an Oxford study

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Cardiovascular disease, big and bad surprise from an Oxford study

It should have been something absolutely normal, but here comes a discovery on cardiovascular disease.

A medical stethoscope and heart pills (Pixabay)


Cardiovascular diseases, a potential risk situation emerges that displaces absolutely everyone. Because it concerns the intake of foods that have always been believed to be extremely healthy and only harbingers of beneficial effects on the body. With only physical discomfort in case we eat more than recommended by dieticians and nutritionists.

A study conducted by expert researchers of the English University of Oxford showed a truly unexpected result regarding what may be a potential cause for favoring overexposure to cardiovascular disease.

These surveys took place over a prolonged period of time of 12 years. And she regarded 400 thousand people with an average age of 56. Of all the individuals subjected to detailed observations, 18 thousand found serious problems such as stroke and heart attack.

Cardiovascular disease, the negative surprise from foods you don’t expect

A representation of the heartbeat
A representation of the heartbeat (Pixabay)

All of them also had to answer a specific question, namely a how many vegetables they used to eat every day. It turned out that those who used to eat them raw were able to take advantage of a small advantage in relation to the risk of contracting diseases.

This is just 15% less than those who did not usually eat vegetables. And even those who ate cooked of it had no advantage. The leaders of this study, however, stressed that the regular intake of vegetables and even fruit is still important in terms of general protection from other diseases, including serious ones.

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Furthermore, this is a healthy way to eat because it does not expose you to obesity and therefore to other negative physical conditions connected to this latter aspect. In the end, however, the regular intake of these healthy and natural foods is of great importance in what is an ideal menu to follow every day, in order to ensure well-being for ourselves.

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