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Cheat day, when the cheat is functional to the diet

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Cheat day, we’ve all heard about it: it’s a trick that’s absolutely good for the diet, and it’s proven by studies.

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Everyone will have happened to be in diet or to follow a specific diet, perhaps for our health. But, especially when it is not a conscious choice that is somehow “imposed” on us from the top of a white coat for our good, paying attention to everything we eat also becomes rather difficult. And then, let’s confess it: at some point it becomes difficult even for the most loyal. The infamous cheat-day is for just that: it’s considered the day of the cheat, where for a moment we can indulge in what we like best.

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Cheat day, the trick that is good for you

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The cheat day it is therefore as said the day of mischief. But be careful, let’s make a first clarification immediately: the cheat day, despite the somewhat ambiguous wording, is only one meal of sgarro. We can sit at the table, once, and eat what we want (almost.) There are many people who instead understand it as the full 24 hours: very often what is grafted into our head is “So much has happened now … “

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To avoid this, we decide how we want to go wrong by planning our stoner meal in advance. Other notes to remember: a sgarro meal is fine but the quality of the food remains important. It is one thing to indulge in high calorie foods, another to eat badly junk foods. Those, besides the diet, should still be avoided. Also be careful not to overdo the alcohol – that’s okay the aperitif or beer while you eat your longed-for pizza but beware. Instead, drink plenty of water and try to stay hydrated.

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In short, the cheat day is good for us, it is good for our will: but the calories we consume remain the same. This is why we must still be careful not to frustrate all our efforts.

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