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Cimo-Fesmed: “At this point we close the specialization schools”

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Cimo-Fesmed: “At this point we close the specialization schools”


“But what do we doctors study to do for 11 years, if then the non-specialists of the cooperatives are allowed to work in the hospital and now the Lombard nurses are even allowed to be alternate doctors for general practitioners? But what do we want them to do in 6-year degree courses and 4-5-year graduate schools if what we learn there is not deemed necessary for our work? If the answer to the shortage of doctors is to hire anyone who can keep the patient company, without considering his or her training, we transform the degree course in Medicine into a three-year course and abolish specializations. We would solve the staffing problems in the blink of an eye. Evidently, the safety of care and the protection of citizens’ health are no longer of interest to anyone “. The provocation is of Guido Quici, President of the CIMO-FESMED Federation medical union (to which ANPO-ASCOTI, CIMO, CIMOP and FESMED adhere), who does not hide the amazement and disbelief in the face of yesterday’s statements by the vice president and Lombardy councilor for welfare Letizia Moratti on the “experiments in progress at some Asst »concerning« a substitute for nurses on general practitioners ».

“Councilor Moratti – continues Quici – has he perhaps forgotten that the diagnosis and prescription of the therapies belong to the doctor? What should alternate nurses do? And do you really think there are nurses willing to give up their vital patient care role to take on responsibilities they are not prepared for? Would she be ready to be examined and treated by those who do not have the appropriate skills, and explain to citizens that anyone is better than anyone? And to tell honestly that the situation in which Lombardy finds itself today is the result of years of incorrect planning, and not of who knows what unforeseeable disaster? “.

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“There is no joking about people’s health, and these games of pure demagogy cannot be accepted. The CIMO-FESMED Federation will continue to defend the role of doctors from any attack of this type and in every area, even if the global plan is becoming increasingly clear – concludes Quici -: blatantly lowering the level of public health to get to its privatization. But we are not willing to remain helpless and watch “.

09 June 2022
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