Home Health cluster in a condominium with 170 infected. Checks to carpet

cluster in a condominium with 170 infected. Checks to carpet

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cluster in a condominium with 170 infected.  Checks to carpet

The tuberculosis alarms Singapore. Cluster in an apartment building with about 170 people who tested positive for the infectious disease. And so is the Asian country imposed mandatory screening. Street vendors, shop owners and their employees found in the complex will also be tested, the Health Ministry said in a statement late Friday. A previous round of voluntary screening found that around 30% of 574 residents and workers tested positive and those who did not participate must now.

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Tuberculosis alert in Singapore, what happens

The health ministry said tuberculosis is endemic to Singapore and not uncommon in Singaporeans. The prevalence of tuberculosis infection reaches 29% among people aged 70 to 79 and is treatable. Its spread is also preventable, the government said.

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First case of monkeypox

Singapore also confirmed an imported case of monkeypox, the health ministry said late Tuesday, the first case reported in Southeast Asia during this year’s viral disease outbreak, according to Reuters. The patient, who tested positive on June 20, is a 42-year-old British man who works as a flight attendant and was flown in and out of Singapore around mid-June, the health ministry said in a statement. Thirteen close contacts of the man were identified on Tuesday and all will be quarantined for 21 days from their last contact with him, the statement added. Contact tracing is ongoing for the affected flights and for the duration of the man’s stay in Singapore. The latest case of monkeypox detected in the Southeast Asian city-state was three years ago. Australia, which reported its first case on May 20, had confirmed eight as of June 10. More than 35 countries where monkeypox is not endemic have reported outbreaks of the viral disease and confirmed cases now exceed 2,500

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