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Colgate Elixir Cool Detox in the test: What can the black toothpaste do?

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Colgate Elixir Cool Detox in the test: What can the black toothpaste do?

The name, packaging and price raise great expectations

Product. Elixir Cool Detox – that sounds promising: A healing or magic potion (“elixir”) for detoxification (“detoxification”). The packaging also makes a difference. Instead of a boring tube, it is filled into a conspicuously designed dispenser – made of solid plastic with a transparent cap.

Preis. The paste has a steep price: 80 milliliters of Elixir toothpaste costs just under 5 euros. For comparison: Very good toothpaste is already available for 34 cents per 100 milliliters, as our toothpaste test shows. Elixir Cool Detox from Colgate costs 6.25 euros converted to this amount – around 18 times as much.

Test. The Stiftung Warentest tested the paste and packaging and took a close look at the ingredients, some of which seemed quite exclusive. The good news: the paste protects against tooth decay. But nobody should expect magical properties from it, despite activated charcoal and coconut extract, which are also included.

Protection against tooth decay

Colgate states that the toothpaste contains 1,450 ppm fluoride – enough for daily tooth decay prevention for adults.

No evidence for activated charcoal detoxification

The Elixir Cool Detox gets its black color from the activated charcoal it contains – it is widely used in cosmetic products and is said to cleanse particularly thoroughly or even have a detoxifying effect. Our dental experts judge: According to scientific studies, there is no evidence of an antibacterial or even detoxifying effect of activated charcoal in toothpaste. Especially since it is questionable what teeth and oral cavity should actually be detoxified from.

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Activated charcoal molecules have a large surface area and, like a sponge, can absorb other molecules. However, it is unclear whether they can also do this as a component in an aqueous solution such as toothpaste. Dentists suspect that carbon particles in toothpaste tend to increase the scrubbing power and thus remove plaque. However, this has not been scientifically proven either.

Tipp: Anyone who suffers from sensitive teeth or exposed tooth necks should be careful with toothpastes with activated charcoal – they could put a lot of strain on the teeth.

Tips and tests on the subject of teeth

  • With the right dental care, your teeth stay clean and healthy for a long time. Electric toothbrushes and toothpaste containing fluoride should be used at least twice a day.
  • A hole in the tooth can be patched. only with what? We have examined which dental filling materials are suitable for whom, and what the costs are.
  • Going to the dentist can be expensive. You can save money with private dental insurance. Our comparison shows the best tariffs.

Function of coconut extract remains unclear

Colgate does not promise that the paste will help against typical problems such as gingivitis, plaque, tartar, bad breath or sensitive tooth necks. Due to the ingredients, this is also not to be expected. However, Colgate does point out on the packaging that the paste contains coconut extract — an ingredient popular in skin and hair care products for its softness.

Colgate leaves open what function coconut extract is supposed to have in toothpaste. We are not aware of any scientific studies that prove a special effect of coconut components in dental and oral care.

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Recycling promise is fulfilled

The packaging remains. We tested how recyclable it is. Its individual components – dispenser, lid and adhesive labels – can be easily separated from one another. The different materials are recognized in the sorting system and can be processed again. In addition, the toothpaste can be completely removed from the dispenser: no product residue is left behind.

So Colgate keeps the promise that the packaging is recyclable and fully drainable. But another question is how sensible it is to pack toothpaste in such a complex way.

Conclusion: caries protection is also cheaper

The black paste is an eye-catcher, elaborately packaged and expensive. Thanks to the fluoride it contains, Colgate Elixir Cool Detox protects teeth from tooth decay, but otherwise does not do any better than other, significantly cheaper toothpastes from our toothpaste test.

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