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Combating male infertility could be simple by adopting these 2 often overlooked good habits

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Infertility is a condition in which a couple cannot have children despite attempts, after at least 1 consecutive year of unprotected intercourse. This situation may be due to a problem in the man or woman and usually, unlike infertility, infertility is temporary. That is why, knowing the causes of this condition thoroughly and acting accordingly, it may be possible to resolve infertility and have children.

Infertility can depend on various factors and in humans the lifestyle is an important element to evaluate. As we continue reading, we will see how changing two simple habits could help solve the problem.

Combating male infertility could be simple by adopting these 2 often overlooked good habits

Infertility is a condition that in Italy affects about 15% of couples, a rather high number. Male infertility corresponds to a lower reproductive capacity of the man due to a lower production of spermatozoa or non-functional spermatozoa.

The causes of this condition can be many, such as genetic defects, cryptorchidism, infections, drug therapies, and trauma. In addition, it was found that lifestyle can also strongly affect and some bad habits could cause infertility. These bad habits include tobacco smoking, a sedentary lifestyle, obesity, poor diet, drug use or excessive alcohol consumption.

This is why it is essential to always have a healthy lifestyle and free from harmful vices, to live drinking and being able to have children without problems.

Healthy nutrition and physical activity against male infertility

As we have seen, there are several possible causes for male infertility. Yet, fighting male infertility could be simple by adopting these 2 often overlooked good habits: eating well and playing sports.

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In fact, a study conducted in Italy confirms that a correct lifestyle could solve the problem of male infertility. Logically, if infertility is due to other causes, such as drug use, it is not by eating healthy that the problem will be solved. But nowadays more and more people tend to have an unbalanced diet and to be sedentary.

For these men, the Mediterranean diet and physical activity could improve fertility. In fact, the study shows that the adoption of a Mediterranean diet, which is one of the best and most balanced, and the regular practice of physical activity could help to have children. In fact, the study recruited 263 healthy young people and measured the level of mean progressive sperm motility, an indicator of male fertility. After dividing the volunteers into two groups, one was asked to follow a Mediterranean diet and exercise regularly. After 4 months, semen quality improved significantly in the affected group and not in the control group.

In fact, the Mediterranean diet is rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatories that counteract oxidative stress, protecting the quality of sperm. Instead, physical activity would help lose weight and counteract another risk factor for infertility, obesity.

Finally, the negative effects of pollution, which could cause infertility, are counteracted by a healthy Mediterranean diet rich in antioxidants.

This is why eating healthy and exercising regularly could help many men overcome male infertility.


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