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Consumer advocates advise against installing new gas heating | > – Guide

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Consumer advocates advise against installing new gas heating |  > – Guide

As of: January 31, 2024 2:12 p.m

The Hamburg consumer advice center advises against installing a new gas or oil heating system, even if this is still possible according to the heating law. She warns of cost increases, for example due to the increase in the price of CO2.

Anyone who owns a property should not choose gas or oil for a new heating system in view of rising emissions costs, according to the energy advice from the Hamburg Consumer Center. According to the Building Energy Act (GEG), owners have the option of installing a new gas or oil heating system for a transitional period. But the development of emission costs shows that there are significant price risks associated with it, warn consumer advocates.

CO2 prices and VAT are rising

Heating with fossil fuels is subject to a CO2 price through the climate package, so that it becomes more expensive to cause emissions and thus contribute to climate change. As of January 1, 2024, this increased from 30 euros per tonne to 45 euros for natural gas and heating oil and is expected to continue to rise in the coming years. In addition, there is the higher VAT for natural gas, which is expected to rise again to 19 percent from March onwards from the previously reduced seven percent. In addition, the energy price brakes have been removed.

Heating costs rise due to the higher CO2 price

A calculation example from the consumer advice center shows how much heating costs are expected to rise due to the development of the CO2 price and the higher VAT. The additional costs were calculated for a single-family home with an annual consumption of 15,000 kilowatt hours (kWh) of natural gas.

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YearCO2 price per tonCO2 price per kWhAdditional costs202330 euros + 7% VAT0.64 centsapprox. 96 Euro202445 Euro + 19% VAT1.07 cents approx. 161 Euro202555 Euro + 19% VAT1.31 cents approx. 196 euros

Reduce energy consumption and reduce costs

“In addition to energy prices and the associated taxes and duties, individual energy consumption is a decisive factor for the costs incurred,” says Silke Langhoff from the Hamburg Consumer Center. For example, retroactively insulating a house can save more than 40 percent on heating costs.

Another adjusting screw is the heating itself. “In many cases, heating systems work inefficiently and have temperatures that are too high or give off heat that is not needed. Regulating the heating offers a lot of potential to reduce these heat losses. Flow temperatures can be reduced and heating times can be reduced adapted to needs,” says Langhoff. Every central heating system should also be optimized through hydraulic balancing. A heating specialist adjusts the heating so that the heat is distributed evenly.

Your own heat consumption can also be reduced, for example by slightly lowering the temperature in the rooms or by reducing hot water consumption. You can also save money by switching providers.

Free advice on heating

The energy advice from the Hamburg Consumer Center helps, in cooperation with the Hamburg Energy Pilots, with questions about optimizing the heating and replacing it. It provides information about various heating technologies and funding programs. If necessary, advice can also be provided on site. Those interested will then receive a standard report in which CO2 savings, investment and operating costs for replacing the heating system are presented. It also contains tips on how to proceed. You can register by calling the Hamburger Energielotsen hotline at the Hamburg Consumer Center on (040) 248 32 250.

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Note: The personal advice from the Hamburg Consumer Center, including on-site advice, is mainly funded by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Protection. As part of the cooperation with the Hamburg Energy Pilots, on-site consultations for households in Hamburg are also free of charge.

Further information

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