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Continental health insurance: Innovative additional protection with the new budget tariff …

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Continental health insurance: Innovative additional protection with the new budget tariff …

06.07.2023 – 11:00

Continental insurance association

Dortmund (ots)

As one of the few health insurers, Continentale is breaking new ground when it comes to supplementary insurance. It is now offering a budget tariff for individual insurance. With the Easy Ambulant, the insured person can choose between two budgets of EUR 600 and EUR 1,200 per calendar year. Depending on the needs and medical necessity, he can choose from a wide range of outpatient services within the framework of the selected budget: check-ups, naturopathic treatments, medicines and bandages, remedies and aids as well as digital health applications or vaccinations. The calculation with aging provisions makes the Easy Ambulant particularly sustainable. This avoids jumps in contributions in old age. There are also attractive additional benefits, for example in the field of visual aids and refractive surgery, as well as financial relief during parental leave. It is also particularly “easy” to complete the course with a simplified health check. The customer benefits from full protection from the start of the insurance – without any waiting time.

Choose the right one from a wide range of services

“Budget tariffs are currently among the most modern tariffs on the market. In recent years we have been able to gain a lot of positive experience in the field of company health insurance, in which these tariffs have already established themselves. Especially because the customers understand and accept them very easily”, says dr Helmut Hofmeier, board member for sick people at the Continentale. In the area of ​​individual insurance, on the other hand, budget tariffs as additional coverage are still rare. “Your great advantage is that the customer has a wide range of services available within the selected budget,” says Dr. Hofmeier. This is exactly why the Easy Ambulant is a real all-rounder. The target group are those with statutory health insurance and those entitled to health care, with the exception of soldiers. “Due to the many different services, it is equally suitable for families and single people, for younger and older people,” explains Dr. Hofmeier. This offers the intermediary very good sales opportunities.

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Sustainable contributions that are also affordable in old age

As a budget tariff, the Easy Ambulant’s contribution calculation makes it particularly sustainable. This is by type of life, which means accruals are built up. This means that the contributions remain affordable even in old age. Age-related jumps in premiums, as with tariffs that are calculated according to the type of damage, are avoided. “We want to accompany our customers throughout their lives. We don’t want to conclude contracts for a few years that our customers can no longer afford later – when it really matters. That’s our claim,” emphasizes Dr. Hofmeier. The Continentale offers excellent value for money. For example, a 32-year-old with statutory health insurance pays only 21 euros per month in the Easy Ambulant 1,200. A 21-year-old student in the training variant of the Easy Ambulant 600 tariff only 6.70 euros.

Attractive budget-independent services

In addition to the wide range of services within the annual budget, customers can look forward to attractive additional services. In addition to the budget, refractive surgery, i.e. eye operations with which ametropia can be corrected or improved, is covered 100 percent, up to a maximum of 600 euros per eye and insured event. This also applies to visual aids. For them, Continentale reimburses the costs up to a maximum of 300 euros within two calendar years. In order to relieve customers financially during their parental leave, the Continentale waives the contribution in the Easy Ambulant for up to three months. The prerequisite is that parental allowance is drawn. The insurance protection remains.

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More information on Continentale’s supplementary outpatient insurance is available at www.continentale.de/zusatzversicherung-ambulant. Independent brokers can find tariff details and other information specially prepared for them about Easy Ambulant at makler.continentale.de/easy-ambulant.

Continentale Versicherung – Confidence that lasts

Continentale is one of the major German insurers. Her conviction: tradition and innovation are not mutually exclusive. Through Continentale Krankenversicherung aG, Continentale Lebensversicherung AG and Continentale Sachversicherung AG, it offers private and commercial customers modern insurance cover from a single source. Whether provision for illness, loss of work, a financial cushion in old age or insurance for home, car and business.

As part of the Continentale insurance network, their actions are shaped by the idea of ​​a mutual insurance association. The focus is on the needs of customers, sales partners and employees. The company’s top priority is to act seriously, with foresight and in a spirit of partnership. The result is sincere, often lifelong partnerships at eye level. The Continentale stands for safety, stability and long-term, sustainable thinking. For trust that lasts.

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