Home Health Covid in Italy: 128 deaths and 36,265 positive in the last 24 hours. Rate at 15.8% – Health

Covid in Italy: 128 deaths and 36,265 positive in the last 24 hours. Rate at 15.8% – Health

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Covid in Italy: 128 deaths and 36,265 positive in the last 24 hours.  Rate at 15.8% – Health

I’m 36.265 i new infections and Covid recorded in the last 24 hours, according to data from the Ministry of Health. Yesterday the infected were 8,944. The victims I am 128, up from 70 yesterday. The swabs made are 228.707. The rate is 15.8%, up from 14% yesterday. On the other hand, 288 patients are admitted to intensive care, while daily admissions are 22. On the other hand, there are 7,339 hospitalized patients in the ordinary wards, 205 fewer in the last 24 hours.


The Covid hospitalization curve slows down again. The total number of patients in hospitals, both in ordinary wards and in intensive care units, in a week fell by 13,7%. This is what emerges from the August 16 report of the sentinel hospitals belonging to the Fiaso network (Italian Federation of Healthcare and Hospital Companies). Therefore, the reduction in hospitalized patients continues for the second consecutive week: in the survey of 9 August a net decrease of 20% was recorded. The percentage of patients hospitalized for Covid is 42% while that of patients with Covid represents the majority of 58%.

In particular, the number of patients in the ordinary Covid wards decreased to a greater extent, -13.8%, compared to intensive care which reduced the number of beds occupied by 10.8%. It is, however, with regard to Covid resuscitations of small numbers. It should be emphasized that those hospitalized in intensive care, Fiaso points out, all have ahigh average age and over 90% of cases are affected by other pathologies. Furthermore, the age difference between vaccinated (average age 71 years) and unvaccinated (67 years) remains between patients in intensive care and, among them, hospitalized for Covid, who have developed a respiratory pathology typical of Covid disease, they are 40% no vax.

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In 29% decrease in Covid hospitalizations in pediatric hospitals and pediatric wards of hospitals belonging to the sentinel network of Fiaso . Last week the drop was 27%. The 0-4 year old class is always the most affected (66.6% of hospitalized); infants under six months are 37% of the total.

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