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Covid: psychologists, ‘more young suicides? Punta iceberg, urgent measures are needed ‘

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Lazzari (Cnop), ‘the recruitment of 600 psychologists announced by the government is inadequate to need’

Rome, May 19 (beraking latest news) – “Specific measures are needed with which to face hardships and give answers and solutions to the problems of those in difficulty. We must give adequate tools to those who need our help: the increase in suicides, in particular among young people, is only the tip of the iceberg of post-pandemic problems “. David Lazzari, president of the National Council for Psychological Orders, is convinced of this, explaining to beraking latest news: “We are moving towards a normalization from the health point of view, and the shifting of the curfew to 11 pm is also a help, even if the problems of psychological nature will continue to be present for a long time “.

“I am deeply worried because the recruitment of 600 psychologists announced by the government to deal with the discomforts caused by the pandemic is a symbolic signal of help – explains Lazzari – It is an inadequate number compared to real needs, it would be a psychologist for every hundred thousand inhabitants for 24 hours. to seventh. Concrete and urgent answers are needed that will help prevent the worsening of uneasy situations. Yes, of course, the reopening for the summer, the shift of curfew to 11 pm, the resumption of a certain normality certainly helps but the inconveniences and disturbances of the population and in particular young people must be addressed with specific urgent measures “.

“We have created a protocol with the School – underlines Lazzari – which is important but needs to be developed. It is necessary to think and create a real structure of psychologists in public health: today there are only 5 thousand psychologists in public structures throughout Italy. , insufficient to deal with post-pandemic problems. An adequate presence in social services and in the welfare system that must be reformed must be defined. Unlike other European countries, Italy does not substantially have a public network for psychological promotion and support ” .

“I believe that it is necessary to strengthen in a particular way the psychological network in the school, the presence of the psychologist in the school complexes, especially now in the post-pandemic, would not mean preventing any worsening of uneasy situations and creating a network between school and specialized public health services for give a therapeutic response to situations that require it “.

“In France, for example, they made a psychologist available to all children up to the age of 18 free of charge to deal with the discomforts and problems caused by the pandemic. The importance of our role as psychologists at this time and not only at this moment is clear – concludes Lazzari – both for treatment interventions and for prevention and for the promotion of resources “.

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