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Covid, the most contagious Delta variant: the ministry’s circular

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The Ministry of Health updates the risk level classification of the variants of the coronavirus, in particular the Delta

The Delta variant of the coronavirus is 40 to 60% more contagious compared to the English one (Alpha) and “may be associated with a higher risk of hospitalization”. This is what emerged from the circular of the Ministry of Health, reported by beraking latest news, focused on the spread in Italy of the Indian strain and signed by the director general of Prevention Giovanni Rezza.

The criteria for the classification of the variants based on the level of risk tracked by the WHO.

The tables contained in the circular show how the probability and impact of Delta variant infection in the general population are low for those who have completed the immunization cycle from Covid. Just as the risk ranges from “low” to “moderate” for frail subjects who received both doses, with a defined “moderate” probability of contracting the disease.

Different situation for those who instead have not yet received the vaccine or have only had the first injection: in these cases the probability of infection is “very high”, the impact is defined as “high” and in general the danger of manifesting the disease is included in a classification from “high” to “very” high.

“There is evidence – the circular reads – that those who have received only the first dose of a vaccination that involves the administration of two doses to complete the anti-Covid vaccination cycle, they are less protected against infection with the Delta variant than infection with other variants, regardless of the type of vaccine administered “. “The completion of the vaccination cycle – continues the circular – instead provides protection against the Delta variant almost equivalent to that observed against the Alpha variant”.

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