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Covid vaccines have not increased heart disease – Medicine

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Covid vaccines have not increased heart disease – Medicine

Covid vaccines have not caused an increased risk of adverse events such as heart attacks, strokes, cardiac arrests, myocarditis, pericarditis and deep vein thrombosis. This was revealed by a study published in the journal Vaccines, coordinated by Lamberto Manzoli of the University of Bologna.

The research followed the entire population of the province of breaking latest news for eighteen months, collecting health data. No pathology was more frequent among the vaccinated than the non-vaccinated. The study is currently the only one in the world that has followed the population for more than a year.

The research, conducted by the Department of Medical and Surgical Sciences of the University of Bologna, in collaboration with the University of Ferrara and the ASL of breaking latest news, collected the health data of residents in the Abruzzo province and analyzed the frequency of some serious diseases cardiovascular and pulmonary, taking into account numerous factors such as age, gender and clinical risk of the participants.

“The results we have obtained – says Professor Manzoli – clearly show that among the vaccinated there has not been an increased risk of serious diseases. There have been isolated negative cases, but the safety profile of the vaccines used during the pandemic has been confirmed: it will now be important to continue the follow-up over a longer period.

The analysis also confirmed that vaccinated people who have contracted Covid are better protected against the Coronavirus than those who have recovered without having been vaccinated. A higher incidence of the pathologies considered has instead emerged among those who have not contracted Covid and have only one or two doses of the vaccine, compared to those who have three or more. “This counterintuitive figure – explains Manzoli – is due to an epidemiological bias caused by the restrictions implemented during the emergency: 83.2% of vaccinated people who did not contract Covid received at least three doses of vaccine: those who received only one or two doses did not complete the vaccination course, either because she died or because she was discouraged by the onset of the disease”.

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