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Criminal shield for doctors is coming. Government ok with proposed changes – Healthcare

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Criminal shield for doctors is coming.  Government ok with proposed changes – Healthcare

Government gives green light to criminal shield for doctors. This is what was established, explain parliamentary sources, by the majority meeting with the government on the amendments to the Milleproroghe decree. Various majority but also opposition proposals ask that the rules on negligent liability for death or personal injury in the healthcare sector introduced during Covid be extended to subsequent years as well.

“The doctors’ cry of pain has been heard: I thank the government, Parliament and the minister Orazio Schillaci for the attention shown. Now the hope is that we can rebuild those conditions, which we have been asking for for some time, which can restore serenity to the doctors’ work , so strongly compromised, currently, by the weight of criminal cases which in over 90% of cases end in acquittal”.
So at ANSA the president of the Federation of Medical Associations (Fnomceo), Filippo Anelli. With the criminal shield, “which had already been put in place during the Covid emergency – explains Anelli – citizens’ rights are not compromised because civil lawsuits and the consequent compensation are always possible. The thing that changes is that doctors do not are more attributable from a criminal point of view except in cases of gross negligence, as happens in practice in all countries of the world“. Therefore, comments the president of Fnomceo, “this extension of the criminal shield is good, however we are waiting and asking for a broader reform which, on the basis of the work that the commission chaired by Adelchi D’Ippolito composed of professionals of another profile is carrying out, brings to a law on the decriminalization of medical acts”.

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AnaaoAssomed – “It is a historic result, which we have been waiting for for a long time: finally a gesture of courage from the government, and on this basis we can begin a dialogue on the other urgent problems of the category”, Pierino Di Silverio, secretary of the largest union, told ANSA. of hospital doctors, AnaaoAssomed. The criminal shield, he underlines, “will finally give greater security to operators and will allow doctors to be able to carry out their work without the sword of Damocles of criminal cases. All this while waiting – he concludes – for a reform of the law on medical liability”.

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