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Daniele Luttazzi’s satire gym: Sunday 14 April

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Daniele Luttazzi’s satire gym: Sunday 14 April

Attention all jokesters and humor enthusiasts! Are you ready to flex your funny bone and showcase your comedic talents? Look no further than the latest challenge from the gym of wit and humor.

Before diving into the exercises, be sure to study the mini-manual “Preparation H” for some valuable tips on crafting a well-made joke. Remember the key elements of brevity, accuracy, simplicity, surprise, and rhythm, and avoid common mistakes.

Once you’re armed with the fundamentals, it’s time to get to work. Send your exercises to [email protected], making sure to include your name and surname. Whether you’re exploring weightlifting, kettlebells, or rubber bands, there’s a category for everyone. Daily submissions for weightlifting and kettlebell exercises may even land you on the front page the next day.

A word of caution: refrain from using jokes and photogags sourced from the web. The goal here is to exercise your creativity, not rely on external sources. Failure to comply may result in unwanted consequences such as complaints and blocks.

For a chance to win a free annual digital subscription to “Everyday Occurrence,” try your hand at the rubber bands exercise. The author of the best joke for the wordless cartoon will be rewarded with this exciting prize. Congratulations to Stefano D’Andrea, the winner of last week’s challenge!

Don’t fret if your submission doesn’t win the top prize. Previous exercises have yielded some hilarious results, so keep the laughs coming. From quirky headlines to amusing comments, there’s no shortage of humor to explore.

So, dust off your wit, sharpen your puns, and get ready to unleash your best jokes. Remember, you have a week to come up with at least one joke. Let the laughter begin!

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