Home Health Desio, Talamoni prize in the name of Attanasio. Majorana gym dedicated to the ambassador killed in Congo

Desio, Talamoni prize in the name of Attanasio. Majorana gym dedicated to the ambassador killed in Congo

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Desio, Talamoni prize in the name of Attanasio. Majorana gym dedicated to the ambassador killed in Congo

For the first time the delivery was not made in Monza just to honor the diplomat with the title of the structure in the high school he had attended. WATCH THE VIDEO AND PHOTOS OF THE GALLERY

The images of Luca Attanasio projected in the gymnasium of the Majorana high school in Desio which from today bears his name, the testimony of his commitment in favor of the least of the world, the satisfaction of having managed, among so many difficulties, to send two flights to Italy with 300 people in the hardest weeks of the pandemic, this morning, during the delivery of the Talamoni Prize, everyone was moved by the merit of the Province. For the first time the medals were not delivered in Monza because, explained the president Luca Santambrogio, the ceremony was combined with the naming of the structure after the Italian ambassador killed on February 22 in Congo: “We want that here, in the school that has attended – he said – a part of him continues to live and inspire young people. We have to talk about his ability to build peace with conviction “in the role of the ambassador who has remained” the friend of the oratory “.

“He was able to represent – added the regional councilor for education Fabrizio Sala – the values ​​of Italy in the world and it is nice that at school children can ask themselves about its history: young people are looking for models, it’s up to us” indicate the best ones. Attanasio’s bond with Majorana was remembered by his wife Zakia Seddiki, who withdrew the plaque in his memory together with his parents: «I discovered Lombardy – she said moved – through my Luca. Every time we passed by here he would show me his school, repeat the lines he used to say as a kid. Remembering this here means setting an example for young people who have to believe in their dreams. He was a great dreamer and managed to be a great man until his last breath: thanks for having imprinted his name in the gym as that of the high school was imprinted in his memory ».

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The award to the ambassador, Santambrogio specified, is linked to others by the thread of responsibility that unites those who every day “in normality know how to choose to open up to others and make themselves useful to the community”. He has always been at the service of others, continued Don Augusto Panzeri, head of Caritas in the pastoral area of ​​Monza and chaplain of the prison. «I do not feel – commented the priest – a hero of the newspaper because I was educated by my mother to do my duty. I think of my teacher Jesus who said: “woe when they speak well of you” and I dedicate this recognition to the church that sometimes has flashes of courage and at others feels fatigue. Blessed Talamoni was a great diocesan priest who fell into reality and is a stimulus to be a spiritual presence ».

The plaque also went to Giovanni Ferrario, a university professor and artist from Cogliate: “Art – he noted – helps to resist pain and make us see beauty with courage”.

The one reserved for associations was handed over to Cadom, which since 1994 has supported women victims of violence and collaborates with institutions to support them and promote the culture of respect. “With this award – said the president Anna Levrero – it is as if the community took charge of the drama of the mistreatment and accompanied us on a tiring path that, however, produces results”.

The second recognition to the memory was withdrawn by the daughters of Luigi Moretti, the entrepreneur who combined professional activity with commitment in the social and cultural field: he founded the Monza Fair and was among the promoters of the committee that beaten for the establishment of the Province of Brianza.

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The special mentions were attributed to the singer-songwriter Gatto Panceri, the stylist Luciano Grella, the entrepreneur and artist Graziella Giudici, the Cogliate volunteer group and the memory of Giarcarlo Carrer, founder of the Croce Bianca di Biassono.

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