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Diabetes, the alarm of Udine doctors for the disease

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Diabetes, the alarm of Udine doctors for the disease

The pandemic has brought with it numerous problems and among these an increase in cases of diabetes. There is a strong appeal launched by the Udine Medical Association to stem this increase and prevent a pathology that should not be underestimated. “Diabetes is the culmination of incorrect lifestyles – affirms the president of the Order GianLuigi Tiberio – and in this period it is emerging in an important way, because we are witnessing the drift of incorrect lifestyles”. Between a sedentary lifestyle, little physical activity and the use of food as a safe haven, diabetes sees increasing numbers. In the region it is estimated that 90,000 people suffer from diabetes, with a prevalence between 6 and 8,% of the population. In the pre-pandemic period alone, this pathology caused 81 deaths in the province of Udine. Tiberio focuses on prevention: “If we keep people healthy for as long as possible, we get the most out of our work. Prevention is the cheapest and most effective thing there is and we must do more in this sense, because treating diabetes and its complications is a defeat of preventive action which, if properly carried out, can lead to great results, investing very modest resources. It is a great driving force on health, because many chronic diseases can also be improved ”. Attention to correct lifestyles can be a great driving force on health, because many chronic diseases can also be prevented, primarily arterial hypertension and cardiovascular diseases. Tiberio also opens a focus on childhood obesity that can lead to diabetes: “We see impressive numbers of overweight children, about 18%, while 8% are obese and 2% are seriously obese. From scientific data, we know that in countries where childhood obesity is more widespread, diagnoses of type 2 diabetes are increasing very rapidly, until a few years ago practically unknown under the age of 18. We also know that an obese teenager has a 4 times higher risk than normal weight of developing type 2 diabetes in their lifetime. “Usually – explains the president – diabetes is more common in old age, but today we are witnessing a greater precocity of onset, even among the forties”. But what are the most frequent symptoms at the onset? Early warning signs for diabetes: being very thirsty and urinating often. When this happens, it is advisable to talk to your family doctor who will be able to indicate the correct approach and provide advice to follow. Type 2 diabetes is a disease that has undergone the lockdown and reduction of motor activity in the years of the pandemic, unfortunately this has not helped. “In addition – he continues – in full emergency, the difficulty of accessing the hospital has perhaps reduced the offer a little, even if at the level of local medicine we have tried to deal with the difficult situation, also thanks to the new drugs that allow us to treat diabetic disease better, reducing blood sugar and thus lowering the risk of complications. Even if the most profitable weapon at our disposal remains prevention “and Tiberio’s appeal is addressed not only to citizens to improve their lifestyle, but also to all doctors so that they continue to carry out the invaluable work of informing and raise awareness among patients in this direction.

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