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Diabetes: what are the 10 most widespread hoaxes on the internet?

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Diabetes: what are the 10 most widespread hoaxes on the internet?

There are still too many fake news about diabetes. On the occasion of World Diabetes Day which will be celebrated on November 14th, the group Theras Lifetechwhich is committed to developing advanced solutions for the care and treatment of important chronic diseases including diabetes, has launched an awareness campaign to dismantle the hoaxes about this chronic condition that affects five million people in Italy alone. One million Italians have the type 2 diabetes without knowing it, while almost 4 million are at risk, because in pre-diabetes o in metabolic syndrome.

He also intervened on these indications Roberto Candidopresident ofAssociation of Diabetes Doctors. The expert claims that «It is essential to dismantle the falsehoods surrounding diabetes and promote deeper understanding to reduce stigma and improve patients’ quality of life.”

The cause of diabetes is sugar

FALSE. In the case of type 1 diabetes the causes are still unknown, but they are genetic in nature and involve a lack of insulin. For type 2 diabetes there is instead a reduction in the production of this hormonewhich has the role of regulating blood sugar levels, regardless of what we eat.

The belief arises from the fact that the abuse of saturated fats, generally contained in red meats and simple sugars can lead to overweight, which can cause insulin resistancewhich results in type 2 diabetes.

Fake news on diabetes: it is hereditary

FALSE. It’s surely It’s true that there is a genetic predisposition, but that’s not enough to develop the disease. In other words, having a parent with diabetes does not mean that we will definitely get sick. On the other hand, not having close relatives with diabetes does not protect us from the disease. In type 2 diabetes, lifestyle matters more.

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Fake news on diabetes: we must always stay on a diet

FALSE. To manage diabetes you need to follow a diet as varied as possible, the same one followed by people who want to stay healthy. So reduction of simple sugarsyou choose whole and unrefined foods, few animal fats, two portions of fruit and lots of vegetables.

Diabetics should not eat carbohydrates

FALSE. Those with diabetes must be very careful with simple sugars, so mainly they must limit sweets to special occasions. As for complex sugars, how pasta and rice should make up about half of your total daily calories. The choice should fall on whole grains, such as pasta, rice and wholemeal bread and legumes, which as is known contain a large percentage of carbohydrates. We know that fibers help keep blood sugar under control.

The only fruit a diabetic can eat is the green apple

FALSE. In the nutrition of diabetic are expected two servings of fruit a day, better if away from meals. You can eat all types of fruit, limiting the consumption of some particularly sugary varieties such as bananas, figs, grapes, persimmons and chestnuts.

Fake news on diabetes: it is the disease of the elderly

FALSE. For what concern Type 1 diabetes must be remembered that it generally appears at a very young age, so much so that it is also called juvenile diabetes, although it can occur at any age. For what concern type 2 diabetes there is actually a link with age, but It essentially depends on incorrect lifestyles. Lately, for example, there has been an increase in the number of young and overweight people who already suffer from type 2 diabetes.

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Insulin is only needed if you have severe diabetes

FALSE. In the type 1 diabetes insulin is an indispensable and life-saving cure under any circumstances. In the type 2 diabetesespecially at the beginning, non-insulin based therapies are preferred, even if at some moments in the life of a diabetic, the doctor may decide to prescribe insulin.

People with type 1 diabetes can do without insulin

FALSE. In people with juvenile diabetes, insulin is life-saving. Let us remember that this disease in the type 1 form is caused by the absence of production of this fundamental hormone for sugar control. Not taking it means risking coma and death.

Those with type 1 diabetes cannot play sports

FALSE. The opposite is true. Doing physical activity is ideal for both the prevention and management of diabetes. Even in type 1, experts recommend it, so much so that many diabetologists include it in the actual therapy, as they do with drugs. However, it is important that the patient learns insulin and food management before, during and after physical activity.

If you have gestational diabetes during pregnancy, it will remain with you even after giving birth

FALSE. Basically gestational diabeteswhich is an increase in blood sugar that occurs in the second or third trimester of pregnancy in women at risk, it resolves itself with childbirth. However, it is a risk factor only if women engage in risky behaviors after pregnancy, such as an unbalanced diet or lack of physical activity.

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