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Digestive problems: what are the foods that help digestion

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Digestive problems: what are the foods that help digestion

Dr. Riccardo Roveda explains the beneficial properties of elements such as ginger or fennel seeds at the digestive level

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Digesting well is a matter of health and well-being, since in addition to making us feel good, it allows for the correct assimilation of the nutrients we take in. Moreover, Digestive problems can lead to unpleasant consequences such as nausea, general malaise and a sense of heaviness. There are particular foods and elements that can help digestion, especially after eating a lot at lunch, dinner or in the previous days, as he explains to Gazette Active il nutritionist biologist Riccardo Roveda.

What foods help digestion

There are many foods that promote digestion,” explains Dr. Roveda: “Think of the family of fennel seeds, aniseed or vegetables such as rocket. Let’s say, however, that one of the elements that I feel particularly able to recommend is the ginger”.

Doctor, why does ginger help digestion?

“Ginger is ‘eupeptic’, that is, it has the ability to promote gastric motility and therefore digestive functions. It can therefore be consumed either as a powder on foods or as a root within a decoction. It is very interesting because it is also used as anti-nausea, and is an excellent remedy for digestive problems. We must also remember that there is an important difference between a decoction and an infusion: the decoction consists in boiling the root or the seeds used, unlike the infusion in which the elements are added later, after having boiled the water”.

“Also with regard to fennel there are different ways of taking it, let’s think of when it is added to salads. Fennel seeds can in turn be used in some dishes, both to lighten the flavor and to aid the digestion of the food. Even in this case, however, it is preferable to use them in a decoction”.

When should decoctions be taken?

“The decoctions are to be consumed at the end of a meal, in order to speed up and improve digestion. However, they can also be drunk during the day, or in the days following a very heavy meal”.

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