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Do not consume this type of milk! Ministry alert: Italians warned

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Do not consume this type of milk!  Ministry alert: Italians warned

Do not consume this type of milk! Ministry alert: Italians warned. There is a major health risk for all consumers

As always, the Ministry of Health communicates through notes on its portal which food products are withdrawn from the market. In this case it is a milk of foreign production.

Withdrawal of milk from the market (AnsaFoto)

As remembered by all doctors, milk is used by children to grow. It is the first food we deal with when we come into the world and for many it remains an indispensable habit. Whether it is in the morning for breakfast, or perhaps used for an afternoon snack, a nice hot or cold cup (depending on the season) is always good for us. With the many variations, too lactose-free, even those with digestibility problems can afford to consume milk. You can take it fresh, pasteurizedin dustwith the addition of cacao or fruits. Everyone prefers a certain type of variant and in large supermarket chains there is really spoiled for choice. Those that are not long-life, however, must be strictly consumed within the expiration date shown on the package, in order not to run into any health problems. The risks for the body, however, can also derive from other factors, as in the case of the product that we report to you today. This type of milk, distributed by the chain “Foods from the world – Italy srl”, has been inserted since Ministry of Health in products to be withdrawn from the market.

Milk withdrawn from the market: there is an alert from the Ministry of Health

Supermarket milk
Milk counter supermarket (AnsaFoto)

The manufacturer’s name is “World Trade srl“, With headquarters of the storage plant in Torre Lupara – Pastorano (CE). In this case, in the note released by the ministry, reference is made to the can of powdered milk from 400 grams. The reason for the recall is as follows: “Food produced in an unrecognized establishment and deemed unsuitable under the law“. The warnings clearly refer to the possibility for all consumers to return it to the point of sale where it was purchased. We remind you that the operator is required to fully reimburse the person who shows upafter showing the note from the government agency.

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>>> Click here to access the official recall note of the Ministry of Health >>>

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