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Do you want to run? Consult your doctor first

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From the first steps to the treatment of problems related to jogging and running practiced intensely. The relationship between the act of walking and attention to the musculoskeletal system can begin at a very early age, when the child begins to move in an upright position. Already in this phase, an intervention that acts in a gentle way on the balance helps to correct posture errors, finding a better balance.

We learn to breathe. Again

by Irma D’Aria

In adulthood, before undertaking regular physical activity (including walking), even more so if it is intense, it is advisable to undergo a medical check-up to correct any functional imbalances of a biomechanical type. With exertion, overload and repeated strain could worsen and cause problems and inflammation.

Well being

Yoga, I do the retreat on Zoom

by Irene Scalise

Heart door

Do you faint often? Yoga can help you

at Federico Mereta

In particular, it is important to know the type of foot support, because it means knowing how the weight is unloaded and what kind of balance we have. Eliminating dysfunctions in the feet and lower limbs as much as possible prevents a chain of incorrect motor responses from being triggered during running and walking, with repercussions on the entire body system: not only on the spine, muscles or joints, but also on the internal organs.

Yoga and lockdow: practicing on Instagram

by Irene Scalise

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A mat under the stars

After the months closed at home between smart working and dad, you are dreaming of a wellness holiday. Among the favorite destinations, those that allow you to approach yoga and meditation. What can we expect and what can a teacher who is faced with willing neophytes, perhaps overweight or with posture or back problems, do? We ask the teacher Anna Lisa Tempestini who offers a daily yoga class at theAdler Hotel in Bagno Vignoni, traditionally a destination for spa treatments, but a popular address among “new yoginis”.


Online gymnastics, how to choose the right course

by Irma D’Aria

“We cannot scare those who approach yoga – he explains – for this reason I propose different classes between those who already practice it and those who are fasting. It is important to work on the breath and on forgotten parts of the body”.

An example? “The hips: few know how much they affect bearing, posture and way of walking”. Then the breath: “Each asana must be accompanied by a correct breath. Of course on vacation it is easier to combine outdoor yoga, walking, meditation walks and conscious breathing”.

Yoga in lockdown: hot is done at home

by Irene Scalise

For many, the holiday is also an opportunity to change their lifestyle. “After trying yoga for a week, many decide to include it in their routine. I recommend early in the morning to everyone: you are more concentrated and on an empty stomach, which is essential for a better execution of many positions”.

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Forest therapy: to start breathing again after Covid

by Tiziana Moriconi

Finally, a surprise. “If for years yoga was mainly chosen by women, men are more and more”. Finally, the yogic holiday to change eating habits: “Encouraged by changes in the body, many decide to improve habits even at the table”.

Laughter yoga: how to train yourself to laugh and why it is good for your health

by Irma D’Aria


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