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Drinking cooked rosemary water can be miraculous for our health – here’s why

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Drinking cooked rosemary water can be miraculous for our health – here’s why

According to what has emerged from studies carried out in recent years, taking a certain amount of rosemary-flavored water a day could help us to memorize information. The drink is born from the union of two fundamental and rich elements beneficial substances: water and rosemary. As for water, it is well known that it is a fundamental element for the health of the organism. It helps us improve our physical mental performance. The rosemary instead it has very specific properties and characteristics.

It is a’aromatic herb which helps fight stress and relieve i articolar pains. Furthermore, rosemary is a great ally in cases where asthenia and weakness are present and helps in case of fever or flu in quanta calms the respiratory system. Another apparatus which is aided by the effects of rosemary is the digestive system, as it increases the production of bile facilitating digestion by increasing peristaltic movements.

But what are the real benefits of rosemary for our memory? According to some analyzes conducted by experts on a sample of the population, it emerged that those who took rosemary water had improved their ability to memorize information by 15%. In addition, the levels of the Red blood cells deoxygenates directed to the brain: this explains the improvements in the brains of the participants in the experiment. According to scholars, the right amount of water and rosemary to consume is one cup, so approx 250 milliliters per day.

There are no contraindications to its use in young adults, as the experiment was also conducted on children as young as 11 years old. Another big positive note of rosemary are the antioxidants it contains. These, in fact, are able to reduce the inflammations and to fight the aging of brain cells. Obviously, the scholars of the field will continue to carry out experiments and studies on the innumerable properties of rosemary. So, at the moment, there are already many beneficial properties that this simple aromatic herb presents in water such as: it helps memory, concentration, cognitive functions, the process of implementing a good mood.

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Furthermore, as already mentioned above, it has both antioxidant action that helps us to fight and relieve articolar pains (therefore we can also say that it has an analgesic action), and soothing against pathologies that attack our respiratory system, such as coughs or bronchitis. It is for all these reasons that our experts advise us to use more and more the rosemary plant in the kitchen because, in addition to being versatile in various dishes, it helps us with ours salute.

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